Journey to the set with Maureen Murdock!

WOMAN INCREASED! Maureen Murdock, Joseph Campbellfrom The hero’s journey when she realizes that the archetypal journey she describes in her book excludes women The hero’s journeynaked (Translated by Ayşe Deniz Yurdakul / Beyaz Owl Publications) says he decided to write. Murdock In her book, she uses feminine myths, Goddesses, feminine dreams, intuitions and instincts to … Read more

He said: ‘I had the accident, I didn’t see Gürbüz’… He contradicted the police… Foça became a mess!

EGEDESONSÖZ- Fadime Özdemir, the staff of the private secretary, who was listed as “the person driving the vehicle – the driver” in the police record after the official vehicle with the official plate of the mayor of Foça Fatih Gürbüz was involved in the accident , explained the details. Although Özdemir claimed he never saw … Read more

The 10 cheapest cars in Turkey

Photo: AA Subscribe Citizens, who cannot buy a new vehicle due to high taxes, find it difficult to even get a second-hand vehicle. While the prices of second-hand cars are also growing, prices were even seen to be approaching new vehicles. Car owners, of course, considering the economic dimension of the business, look for the … Read more

Advice from the ITU Development Foundation’s kindergartens to families with children who will start primary school this year

Is your child ready for elementary school? ITU GVO Dr. Sedat Üründül Kindergarten and İTÜ GVO Beylerbeyi Kindergarten, met with parents and organized an online seminar on “Preparation for Primary School”. Specialist clinical psychologist Funda Akkapulu Aydın participated as a speaker at the seminar, and some suggestions were shared for both parents and students to … Read more

Dr. Cüneyt Akman wrote: Why is Kılıçdaroğlu right?

Yesterday, a social media user tweeted me: “You’re going to be an economist, we need welfare, not discounts” This is my tweet: Some of the softer tones of similar responses came from economists. Maybe some who didn’t follow me enough might have seen this as unconditional support for Kılıçdaroğlu or some kind of “flattery”, but … Read more

Unal Bolat – My first newspaper subscriber

Unal Bolat “We were meeting different people. Some were indifferent, others we had good answers” It was one of those days when I put a long and serious period of university exams (YKS) behind me and arrived at the summer holidays. I got a message on my phone. It was written that the Turkish newspaper … Read more