7 easy steps to clean the car

The interior and exterior cleaning of vehicles, which make transport much easier in daily use and become part of life, is one of the issues that should not be left out. Periodic and planned cleaning of vehicles contributes not only to the appearance and performance of the vehicle, but also to the preservation of the value of the vehicle in the event of a possible sale. At the service of its customers with a long history of more than 150 years General InsuranceShared tips for cleaner cars.

Prepare the program

According to experts, it is a very important criterion to carry out a periodic and planned cleaning of vehicles on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. It is important that the cleaning of solid surfaces, the removal of garbage and debris from the vehicle is done weekly, the cleaning including polishing and preventive maintenance is done monthly, and operations such as deep cleaning, maintenance and repair are done within 3 months. This process not only affects the exterior appearance of the vehicle, but also positively affects its performance.

Pay attention to the wheels

The first impression of whether the vehicle is clean or not is about the exterior of the vehicle. Especially dirty wheels create a negative impression even if the vehicle is clean. Experts stress that the wheels should be washed with pressurized water while the vehicle is cleaned weekly.

Dry the tool

Drivers must dry the vehicle thoroughly after cleaning it. Otherwise, the excess water left inside and outside the vehicle causes the formation of various stains. At this point, experts claim that microfiber towels should be used for vehicles so that drivers do not damage the vehicle.

Look at the console

The console, which is the area most drivers see in the vehicle, also stands out as one of the dustiest parts of the vehicle. Drivers should clean the console with the help of microfiber towels at 2-3 day intervals. Also, if chemicals are used to clean the console, it is very important to ventilate the vehicle.

Look at the type of carpet

Car mats, which are split in two like rubber and carpet, are another factor to which drivers should pay attention when cleaning the vehicle. Experts say that foamy water and brushes should be used for rubber mats, and more sensitive cleaning materials should be used for carpets.

Choose your scent well

One of the factors that directly affects the comfort of drivers in the vehicle and the cleanliness of the vehicle is the smell. According to experts, the use of a candle or deodorant spray is a very important criterion in the daily use of the vehicle. It is also important that drivers ventilate the vehicle frequently and do not keep substances that cause or can smell in the vehicle for a long time.

Do not neglect 3 months maintenance

In addition to weekly and monthly maintenance, deep cleaning of the vehicle at 3-month intervals draws attention as another important criterion. Apart from cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle, filters and air conditioning seats must be cleaned with antibacterial equipment. In addition, it is recommended by experts to carry out disinfection processes by a team of experts in the vehicle against Covid-19 and other epidemics.

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