AKAY CEMAL – Fire and solidarity

When the heat starts, let’s pray “Oh no fire”. Climates have changed so much that in June there was heavy rainfall in Turkey and several countries around the world, and floods have swept away. What was Ankara’s condition just a few days ago? It was as if the streams had flowed down into the city. Cars swung from side to side in the water. The cries of the people whose houses were flooded were heartbreaking. Then the flood spread to other cities as well. Even heavy rain brought hail in some places. Thousands of acres of cultivated land were damaged.

Then shouldn’t the forest fires start in Marmaris, in Muğla? … While there are still traces of last summer’s fires, a new disaster! Intervention from the air and the ground, but to what extent does the effect of the wind increase? And the same day a terrible fire on our beautiful island. The fire, which started in the mountainous and wooded areas between Mersinlik-Agillar in the Kantara region, gradually spread with the effect of the wind, and it became necessary to move people from some villages to other places.

How we prayed for it to rain. But what happens? However, if it rains, no labor is required. Neither by air nor by land! However, it is not raining or not. Although climates change, even if it rains in June, it does not rain out of spite when there is a fire. As a result, the beautiful vegetation and the creatures that lived there died screaming. While thousands of acres of green space were destroyed, the creatures that kept nature’s balance turned to coal. They didn’t escape and escape, of course. What about those who could not be saved and those who died in the flames shouting …

Recent fires have something to teach. You need to be prepared for a fire, day or night, summer and winter. Especially because it is very difficult, even impossible, to climb the terrain where the steep rocks are, only an aerial intervention can be done. It’s also limited, because when it gets dark, neither the firefighting helicopter nor the firefighting plane can intervene! If the necessary intervention can be made in the first fire, the fire can be extinguished before it spreads to other areas and can be avoided with the least damage. Otherwise, it is not easy to keep up with the speed of the fire with the lighting of the dry grass, especially if the weather is windy. Even if you have the best equipped plane or helicopter, it is very difficult to stop the spreading fire.

Years have passed since the great fire in the Beşparmak mountains, but unfortunately we have not yet completed what we were missing. We are already a country poor in forests, and as they burn, we become impoverished. Once the “Green Island” is now fighting with all its might to become the “Yellow Island”. Former Forest Department directors have various opinions and suggestions on forest fires. You need to invite them and listen to them, benefit from the opinions of those who know every inch of the forest areas, take precautions accordingly, and be prepared for natural disasters 24 hours a day. It is important to get effective results not only in fires, but also in earthquakes, floods and similar situations. Otherwise, forgetting what happened after the fire has passed and not taking precautions until another fire is the greatest crime against our nature and our forests. At least we’re not playing from now on.

Because of this fire, everyone mobilized wholeheartedly and showed an example of solidarity. This spirit of solidarity and mobilization must be maintained at all times. I wish you days without fire.


Metin Şadi’s wife, Peril Hanım Karaoğlanoğlu,

Ersözlü was buried in Nicosia and Uğur was buried in Famagusta.

Peril Şadi, the beautiful wife of one of our well-known businessmen, Metin Şadi, received God’s mercy on June 21 and was sent yesterday on her last tearful journey to Karaoğlanoğlu. While he was sadly announced to all his friends, family and fans, his wife Metin Şadi, his children Aslı Şadi-Ramiz Şadi, his brother Mustafa Tözener, his grandson Dila Sökmez-Peril Şadi and all his family said, “We are in deep grief over the premature loss. Sleep in the lights,” they said.

Peril Şadi, originally from Larnaca, lived for many years in Kyrenia and Nicosia.

Meanwhile, Bar-Er Energy Ltd. In the message of condolence published on behalf of the beloved businessman Peril Şadi, he expressed his deep sorrow for the death of the deceased and, while expressing his condolences to the deceased, his condolences to his painful family and relatives, he to say, “The place where he sleeps is light, his place is the sky.” and patience, strength, and condolences to his family and loved ones.

On the other hand, the exceptional person Hüseyin Ersözlü, originally from Beyköy and who lived for many years in Nicosia, was loved and respected by all, was a banana born in 1934. All his friends were sadly informed. relatives and loved ones who were expelled yesterday from their last trip to Nicosia. His beloved wife, Mrs. Tomris, daughter Feray-Ahmet Erdengiz, son Sait-Mine Ersözlü, grandchildren Diler-Nirvana, Deran Erdengiz, Mert and Alp Ersözlü said: “Our pain is great. We will not forget it. They said, “The place where you sleep is light and your place is heaven.”

Meanwhile, Sevilay Uğur, one of Famagusta’s beloved names, the valuable asset of the Uğur family and the good person, was sent yesterday on his last trip to Famagusta. Sevilay Hanım had previously lost her husband İbrahim Uğur. While sadly announcing all her friends, family and fans, her daughters Aytül-Ahmet Sönmez, Fatoş-Mustafa Uluel, Hüseyin Uğur, grandchildren Fulya-Reşat Ünlüeren, Ali Sönmez-Filiz Özer, Sevim-İbrahim Uluel , Armin-İbrahim Ulueled his pain, They wished that he slept in the light and that his place was heaven.


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