They marked you, didn’t they, my heart?

You have been marked, oh, my heart,Bubbles full of water everywhere.There is no science that understands this state;The mind is a torn sack, a torn vocabulary. One of the poets whose personality I almost fought over Necip Fazil Kisakurek. But I love his poetry, he’s also a poet. To the left Ece Ayhan whatever it … Read more

The best polishers that remove scratches perfectly

In the automotive industry, products that are used to polish many different areas such as engine parts or fairings are called polishing machines. These machines, which have different uses such as scratch removal, painting and polishing, may be preferred in terms of use advantage. In this list, we have examined in detail the models of … Read more

When the prize came out, they bought a used car!

If the lottery won the jackpot, what would you buy first to pamper yourself?The first thing that comes to mind is an expensive house, a state-of-the-art car, right?The British couple from Gloucestershire, Joe and Jess Thwaite, won £ 184 million at the Euro-Millions and the first thing they did was buy a used car for … Read more

The deadly weight of abandonment

One day, he was abandoned on the streets of a city where the sea is surrounded by the sea and the warm yellow rays of the sun do not disappear all year round, in a country where people are proud to value cats and dogs. the last few years. . It was a moment I … Read more

Owning a term car is no longer easy

Owning a term car is no longer easy With delivery own a car it is not at all easy. This is one of the truths we all know. Companies that buy and sell cars on installments are in a very low position. Some people, albeit for financial maintenance installment car Although the number of companies … Read more

What are the best-selling used cars in Turkey?

While Volkswagen (VW), Renault and Fiat continued to be the most preferred brands in the second-hand online vehicle market in Turkey, respectively, Passat sold more in passenger cars and Doblo in light commercial vehicles by model. According to data collected by AA’s correspondent from Indica’s second-hand online market report, 188,764 sales were made last month … Read more