The future of CUPRA in racing is electric

The presence of SEAT and now CUPRA in the world of racing has been wide and successful, with participation in numerous championships and competitions around the world. Since the birth of CUPRA, the brand has become the center of mobility, modernity and sportsmanship of the new generations, and these values ​​have been clearly transferred to … Read more

Status says “turn off”

Following the fuel surges, actions are being taken to close contacts in many parts of the country. TOFED President Özcan, who reacted to the failure to find a solution to the successive price hikes, said: “The state says to contact us.” Photo: Photo Store Subscribe Economy Service Rising fuel prices have made both traders and … Read more

A warning received from the Bursa bus terminal: “If we turn off the contact, Turkey will be paralyzed. We will not allow it.”

ZEHRA MILLER / SIBEL HERO Scholarship President of the Association of Intercity Bus Terminals Isa Acar“After the party, things will stop, cars will be empty. They say that between 25 and 30 thousand vehicles will enter each departure and arrival throughout Turkey. We are working with a total loss of momentum, along with those working … Read more

Electric bicycles are the first to repair coils

Mustafa Torunergil, 62, one of the few winding masters in Eskişehir, said that along with the significant increase in the use of electric bicycles, there is more demand for the repair of winding of these transport vehicles than business machines and manuals. The winding, which is the part that allows the current to be transported … Read more