Bicycles became more valuable after fuel surges, cars were taken to garages, bicycles landed on the road

With the recent rise in the prices of fuel, petrol and diesel, which reached 30 pounds, the bicycle was used, which is the most convenient means of transport. Doğan Özveren, 65, a 54-year-old bicycle mechanic, said: “People no longer prefer to use their cars. As fuel prices approach our pockets, almost every household has at least one bicycle “.

Following recent increases in fuel prices across the country, citizens have begun to look for alternative ways. Although the public does not use vehicles if it is not necessary, the bicycle, which is the healthiest and most profitable means of transport, has gained value with excursions. Doğan Özveren, 65, a bicycle mechanic who began his career as an apprentice at the age of 11 with his father for half a century, said that bicycle use has increased. Claiming that his work increased even more during the summer, Özveren said: “I started my career as an apprentice with my father when I was 11. I have been doing my job for 54 years without interruption. After my father died, I continued to do my work alone. In recent years we have been doing maintenance and repair work on motorcycles as well as bicycles. “Right now, because of the intensity of our work, I just look bicycles. The use of bicycles. bicycles increase more in summer than in winter. Because of this situation, our workload is higher in the summer. “

“Every house has a bicycle”
Bicycle mechanic Özveren stated that pocket fuel prices make people use bicycles as a means of transportation: “Bicycles are very practical, especially for short distances. At an average of 10 kilometers from one end from the central neighborhoods of our district of Efeler to the other You can go anywhere by bike Generally by bike by age His age was primary and secondary school But after the last fuel surges , almost all houses started to have a bicycle, for example, the cost of a city bus for a person to go from one place to another is 5 TL If we consider a family of 4, go Vine 40 TL Citizens come and go by bike instead of paying for money for transportation, regardless of the short or long distance, not only if the money stays in their pocket, they also protect their health by pedaling and moving. , the means of transport more a dequat was the bike, “he said.

“Whoever wears a screwdriver and tweezers is not hungry”
Stating that he has trained many apprentices and trades so far, Özveren said: “So far, I have trained dozens of apprentices and trades. Many of my trades have opened their own jobs. Anyone with a screwdriver and pliers “He’s not going to be unemployed. Unfortunately, young people today don’t like work. Like us, here in oil and rust. They want different jobs instead of work. Young people are in the mood. We tell the children ‘ “Come and help us. They don’t. This profession is always worth it. Thank God, my income is good. God, I retired from that profession. I continue my life without any need. In a few years, I will leave it completely and spend some time at home, “he said.

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