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We started using the smartest of many tools we used 10-15 years ago, not much. Today, phones, which are almost like a tip, are the first smart device that comes to mind. When we think of appliances as a smart oven that shuts off when food is cooked, a smart washing machine that adjusts the amount of detergent according to the dirt on the clothes and a smart iron that does not burn when the you forget. laundry, there was no reason why cars should not be smarter.
Due to some legal regulations in Turkey, the use of the Internet in cars was limited. Some services and services, such as real-time traffic information, navigation update, smart emergency call, maintenance management, remote access, and 3D viewing, were not available. 4 years ago, the Information Technology Authority (BTK) banned the use of value-added services in smart cars for security reasons. With the regulation made, if the BTK is applied and approved by the BTK, there is no obstacle to the use of services added to the vehicles. We also mention that automotive intelligent vehicle manufacturers have to work with an Internet service provider operating in Turkey. We realized, albeit late, that it cannot be resolved with a ban, it likes to be allowed with certain conditions and controls. We can say that we will start to see smart vehicles on Turkish roads starting next year.
So how do smart gadgets affect our lives? First of all, the life of car owners will be easier and you will get home on a faster route without using your smartphone with 3D imaging and live traffic information. Another advantage is that the maintenance time will be determined based on the driving, and the maintenance time of drivers who drive with caution and care will be later. Today, maintenance is determined by a standard time or km. However, it didn’t make much sense for vehicles that had been driven well or badly to be serviced at the same time. Even when maintenance was done at the service center and maintenance information was not updated, cars continued to issue service alerts. Instead of a standard maintenance program, it will be about maintaining specific vehicles for the driver. In addition, smart cars will be upgraded with automatic software, mechanical parts that require maintenance will be alerted, and major damage will be avoided. In this way, we can say that driving safety will increase even more.
Aside from making life easier for us, perhaps the most important feature will be the emergency call. The emergency call, on the other hand, will be a system that will call 112 directly in the event of a traffic accident and alert you that you have had an accident, send your location and send an ambulance to the scene of the accident quickly. and will warn who should be notified of equipment such as firefighters and cranes, depending on the extent of the damage. This feature could be used in cars in Turkey, but as no other value-added services were used, it was not a very common feature in some vehicles. Hopefully this is a feature we will never use.

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