The excitement of the youth of May 19 combined with the enthusiasm of the festival – Olay Media

The events and concerts continued uninterrupted on May 19, commemoration of Atatürk Day, Youth and Sport, which is the 3rd day of the “Festival of Youth and Sport of Gaziantep” organized by the metropolitan municipality of Gaziantep . At the festival, the mayor of the Gaziantep metropolitan municipality, Fatma Şahin, lit the torch in the … Read more

5 activities to do in Kas – Family and life

Turkey’s holiday paradise cell, It is one of the regions that can be preferred for a colorful holiday. While Kaş, the westernmost district of Antalya, offers a holiday in contact with nature, it is also a place that is renowned for its cultural history dating back to Lycian civilization and the blue waters of the … Read more

Mustafa Topaloğlu: Demet’s wife called and apologized to me – Magazine News

In the 35th week of the Super League, leader Trabzonspor drew 2-2 with Antalyaspor at home and became champions with three games to go, ending the 38-year-old with enthusiastic celebrations. While fans having fun with Demet Akalın’s song “Club” had a big impact in Turkey, FIFA shared these images with everyone on its official Twitter … Read more

Russia needs cars, so relaunch this Soviet-era brand

Little known outside the former Soviet Union and its dependent countries, Moskvich was founded around 1930 and continued to operate until 1991. Like many car brands in the communist bloc countries, Moskvich struggled with quality problems. . Soviet officials cited the Muskovich 408 engine of the 1960s, a 50-horsepower engine, for various defects, according to … Read more

The car turned into a nightmare

The cost of living has reached record levels and shopping has become a nightmare in the face of rising prices. Consumers lost their purchasing power, while traders were crushed by the costs of inputs and electricity prices. Pockets are empty, shopping carts are not full, shopkeepers have difficulty returning to work. The citizen’s hand stretching … Read more

How much will car prices go up? – Aydin News

While the world is testing self-driving vehicles and considering what features a smart car should have, let’s just look at vehicle prices. Cars are smart, it doesn’t make much sense if you can’t buy them. Those who have bought new or recently used cars, what features do they observe or buy the car they find … Read more

Will car prices rise? Will there be an increase in new cars? Will car prices rise in May 2022? Will vehicle prices rise in 2022?

Will car prices rise? Will there be an increase in new cars? Will car prices rise in May 2022? Will vehicle prices rise in 2022? There is a statement that will annoy those who are thinking of buying a vehicle. Due to rising exchange rates and the pandemic, there were large increases in car prices. … Read more