Journey to the set with Maureen Murdock!

WOMAN INCREASED! Maureen Murdock, Joseph Campbellfrom The hero’s journey when she realizes that the archetypal journey she describes in her book excludes women The hero’s journeynaked (Translated by Ayşe Deniz Yurdakul / Beyaz Owl Publications) says he decided to write. Murdock In her book, she uses feminine myths, Goddesses, feminine dreams, intuitions and instincts to … Read more

Unal Bolat – My first newspaper subscriber

Unal Bolat “We were meeting different people. Some were indifferent, others we had good answers” It was one of those days when I put a long and serious period of university exams (YKS) behind me and arrived at the summer holidays. I got a message on my phone. It was written that the Turkish newspaper … Read more

Dinosaurs reappeared billions of dollars ago

The youth branches of the IYI Party prepared a video “Dinosaurs” about the Ankapark process, which opened just before the 2019 local elections and moved to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality on July 18 after a 3-year judicial process. The video also included original footage from the days when the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded the … Read more

The ordeal of Istanbul! “Accident two days apart”

Sancaktar track, one of the most famous tracks in Balat, has become a frequent destination for thousands of local and foreign tourists every day. Visitors run the risk of being crushed by vehicles while taking photos among the colorful buildings. Pedestrians are almost looking for a place to escape as the vehicles accelerate down the … Read more

The end of manual gear? The numbers are there…

Driving a car is an action that has become a reflex for some. For the vast majority of these people, a technology whose place in practical life is now being questioned is almost indispensable; even indispensable. Think about how many people around you praise the “manual transmission”… Many drivers say, “I like the feeling that … Read more

Bozcaada ‘Homeros Reading’ Days Event – Bodrum Agenda | Bodrum News – Newspapers – Current Affairs – Breaking News

Ugly on the outside but beautiful on the insideHomer, the myth of Troy is importantThe museum, the houses are magnificentSee the unique sunrise at Salhane… * “Oh, if only the anger in the heart of man could be gone forever, the anger that drives even the wisest of men mad, flows into their souls like … Read more

“You are not ashamed to spend public money without mercy”

CHP Mersin MP Ali Mahir Basarir made a statement on the 115 million lira vehicle tender of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Basarir said: “The Ministry of Youth and Sports tenders 115 million vehicles. It is new and does it with 21/b. Therefore, do it without open bidding. I will ask the minister two … Read more