From movie stars to “religious leadership” … Tom Cruise’s amazing life

class = “medianet-inline-adv”> ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ received a standing ovation for minutes at Cannes. Festival director Thierry Fremaux told Cruise: “He has some of the greatest hits in the history of cinema. You can’t see him on digital platforms, in a TV series or in commercials. He’s someone who is completely dedicated to It is, … Read more

Confession that kills blood on Greek Cypriot television: We shot 68 Turks and threw them into the grave

class = “medianet-inline-adv”> Neoptolemos Leftis and Athos Petridis, who are over 80 years old, proudly confessed that they killed 68 Turks by shooting them and then stabbing them at different times, starting in 1964. “For every Greek shot by the Turks , we killed 10 Turks, “he said. Two EOKA assassins spoke to Omega, the … Read more

The best-selling brands of 2021 in the used car market have been announced

According to data collected by the AA correspondent from Indica’s second-hand online market report, in 2021, 1 million 652 thousand 710 units were sold in the online market for second-hand passengers and light commercial vehicles. The share of cars in total sales was 82 percent, and the share of light commercial vehicles was determined at … Read more

Why do dogs bark at cars? – We are on time

We’ve all seen dogs barking at cars and chasing cars. Well, have you ever wondered why dogs bark and chase cars? In today’s article, we will look for answers to these questions. Dogs barking in the car Why do dogs bark at cars? Dogs can bark at cars for many different reasons. Especially at night, … Read more

Cyprus must be Turkified first

Hello dear readers, The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a country where we made many of our peoples a homeland for martyrdom. In fact, we have many martyrs lying in the mountains with five fingers, perhaps without a shroud. The TRNC is a country of great importance to all who live in Turkey and … Read more

Emotion of the ladies in Bornova – Egeyon News

120 ladies from many provinces in Turkey took part in the 2nd International Turkish Ladies Tournament in Bornova this year. In the tournament, which witnessed great excitement, the winners were determined by the points system. The champion of the tournament was Faik Yıldız from Istanbul, Hüseyin Öner from Izmir was second, and Erdal Çalık from … Read more

He did it! You can’t sell or rent a house for the price you want – News

Rising rental prices in Turkey, landlord price fixing on the value of flats and the emergence of opportunism are seen as the biggest problem in recent days. The Netherlands, on the other hand, took a precautionary measure and the government incorporated price-fixing into itself. Avoiding the supply-demand game According to Hugo de Jonge, Minister of … Read more