Zelensky had made the official request! Will Ukraine be admitted to the EU?

The European Parliament (EP) held a special meeting in Brussels on Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. Condemning the attacks in Russia, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola said: “Neutrality cannot be maintained between firefighters and firefighters. The European Parliament’s message is clear, there are ongoing war crimes investigations. “We will hold them accountable. This is an existential … Read more


While the world is watching the evolution of autonomous vehicles, flying cars and hyperloop technology with great enthusiasm, a new trend has emerged that is developing rapidly in the urban mobility industry: microvehives … Technology companies are producing solutions to reduce public transportation, human and vehicle traffic due to population density in cities. One of … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war in figures

When Russia enters its fifth day of attack on Ukraine, we follow the conflicts and how we got here. Keep reading the infographics and maps to get an overview of the situation. Who controls what in Ukraine? Wars continue across the country as Russian forces approach the capital, Kyiv, home to nearly 3 million people. … Read more

Martı founder Öktem: After 10 years, all transportation will be done by electric vehicles

Berfin Nilgün ÇİPA / PARAMEVZU.COM As important as it is to be individually aware of the climate crisis and to pay attention to it, it is also important that companies and countries carry out their policies in the context of this issue. Today, where environmental pollution has increased so much, electric vehicles are working to … Read more

Turkish citizens in Ukraine were received by the Warsaw embassy and businessmen

Turkish citizens who were evacuated from the region after Russia’s military operation in Ukraine were greeted by Warsaw Ambassador to Poland Cengiz Kamil Fırat and Polish businessmen. The evacuation of Turkish citizens to Ukraine continues after Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian territory. Turkish citizens evacuated from Ukraine to Poland arrived at the hotel safely last night. … Read more

Ukraine: Can Apple Solve This New Supply Chain Challenge?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this week could lead to a growing list of economic sanctions affecting everyone, including the Ukrainian-dependent supply chain of technology for some critical raw materials used in chipmaking. Can Apple Fix the Supply Chain Problem? My heart goes out to all those who have suffered the ravages of war, and this … Read more

How to start a car? How to lift manual cars without stopping? – Lastest news

The most difficult aspect of driving a manual car is the lifting process. Many people complain that cars stop when they start driving. For this reason, there are some points to consider in manual vehicles. How to start a car? When drivers get into the driver’s seat, they must first make some adjustments in order … Read more

Your Safarin correctly guesses each car model

The phenomenon called Safarin, who knows how to find out the models of car photos sent to him on Twitter, told Webtekno how he could make predictions about cars so easily. The anonymous user named Safarin, who can know the models just by looking at the windows, mirrors and even the car wipers, has become … Read more