That’s what he called the United Nations! If Putin succeeds …

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken sent a video message to the 49th session of the UN Human Rights Council. Referring to the work between Russia and Ukraine in his message, Blinken said: “Russia is carrying out a premeditated, unjustified and unjustified attack on Ukraine. It violates international law. It ignores the basic principles of … Read more

Armenians cut off men’s ears! – New contract

Thanking the Yeni Akit Newspaper for its sensitive posts, Bekirova said: “We already knew that after the fierce clashes, Armenians would enter the city. Some houses had basements to store people. My husband was a police officer. “That day was the third day my little one was born. We were in Bodrum for 1 day. … Read more

Residential and office buildings De Kroon

From Kroon, between Central Station and Spui with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs is. Region, It is bordered on three sides by major traffic arteries. Turfmarkt, one of these three arteries, runs from Central Station to the center of The Hague. an important spring forming. Schedeldoekshaven; traffic link for cars, buses and trams provides. Finally, … Read more

The best waxes to keep your car looking elite while you keep it

car; It is a product of very advanced technology with numerous technical parts. Cars, which are made up of many large and small parts, each of which requires separate maintenance, and which are essential if taken as a whole, are exposed to many external factors while driving, even when stopped. The dust of the city, … Read more

Truck drivers heading to Belarus are waiting for you in Kapıkule

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine also affected Turkish truckers transporting export cargoes to the region. Some truck drivers were stranded in the country where they were carrying their cargo. Some truck drivers who started going to the region started waiting at the Kapıkule border gate when war broke out. Mehmet Turunc and Zafer … Read more

Own flavor that gives a break to those who pass by Ordu: Yalıköy meatballs

FATSA, ARMY (AA) – ArmyYalıköy meatballs, flavored with Turkey’s Fatsa district, registered with the geographical indication, give a break especially to those traveling between cities. Yalıköy meatballs, which are identified by the name of the Yalıköy district of the district, use beef that is cleaned of cartilage and nerves and cut into cubes. samsun- Army … Read more

family businesses; Do you have management insurance?

it should be. Because most companies are struggling or collapsing due to management weaknesses. In fact, Mehmet Sami, president of the Corporate Governance Association (YÜD), defends it and says; “Professional counselors are the insurance for family businesses.” So what do we mean by insurance? First, let me write down what I understand about insurance; Under … Read more