Mustafa Topaloğlu knocked Demet Akalın to the ground: Are you a real artist?

The fact that Demet Akalın shared Aleyna Tilki’s goal infuriated Mustafa Topaloğlu when she included the words “Your only opponent is Mustafa Topaloğlu, ‘Space Star’ …”. Topaloğlu, who attacked Akalın, said: “How can a person be so disrespectful and unconscious, are you an artist enough to put me in your mouth?” dit. The leader of … Read more

In search of past lives … – Haber Hürriyet

“Sometimes I ran away from school and went to the Azak cinema. He used to play mostly Arabic movies. You could stay in the cinema as long as you wanted, as the seats were not numbered. Arabic films would have subtitles. The Armenian ladies, who were regular customers of the cinema, took us among them … Read more

New generation technologies in energy conversion

This week’s guest on Electricity 4.0, published in Bloomberg HT, is the director of the Center for Energy, Environment and Economics at Özyeğin University, Prof. Dr. Pınar Mengüç became prof. Dr. Pınar Mengüç made assessments on new generation technologies in energy transformation. Mengüç stressed that the rate of fossil fuels is still very high in … Read more

From Aleyna Tilki to Demet Akalın: I should have guessed that the level would decrease

The debate over “stardom” between Demet Akalın and Aleyna Tilki is growing. When Aleyna Tilki responded to Demet Akalın, things got mixed up. Following the response she received, Aleyna Tilki said, “When I answered you, I should have guessed that the level would go down.” During the championship celebrations in Trabzon, the video of fans … Read more

It went viral on social media – that’s how they saved the woman who got sick while driving! NEWS-Video: UAV May 12, 2022 11:33 p.m. twitterlinkedinflipboarde-mailCopy the linkFont In the U.S. state of Florida, images of a fluid traffic incident were left on the agenda like a bomb when they were shared on social media. When a driver lost consciousness behind the wheel, the facts were reflected in the security cameras and … Read more