Dramatic video shows an officer shooting and killing a man who was driving an excavator into homes and cars

On December 18, around 5 a.m., Vinland police responded to a call from a man who was driving an excavator erratically, Peter Aselten, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office, said in a press release.

According to the statement, Joshua Gonzalez, the 20-year-old man in the rig, from Millville, was killed.

Acting Attorney General Andrew Brooke’s office has released several officer-worn camera videos, 911 call recordings, home surveillance video and cellphone videos of the events.

“Police officers attempted to stop him for approximately 30 minutes, during which time Mr. Gonzalez caused severe damage to a number of residences and vehicles, including three police cars, an ambulance and an occupied civilian vehicle,” the statement said.

In one of the videos, an officer got out of his car and approached a bulldozer that had stopped briefly in the front lawn. When the officer approaches, the bulldozer driver reverses the car and drives the car down the street, crashes into a police car and flips it over.

The officer proceeded to track the bulldozer down the street and heard gunshots, and soon reported sending it. Then the officer reaches for the bulldozer and his camera captures the moment the construction vehicle hits a tree and comes to a stop.

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The shots he heard were fired by the sergeant. Louis Platania, according to the statement.

In another video, several officers approached Gonzalez after he was shot, stopped the bulldozer, and took him out of the car. The video shows officers raising their hands and handcuffing them and helping Gonzalez.

Officers performed CPR, but Gonzalez was pronounced dead at 5:48 a.m., according to Brooke’s office.

The screams of residents, who say they were stunned by the disturbance, can be heard in the videos and on 911 calls.

“So, he’s trying to hit a building?” A 911 operator asks an eyewitness.

“That’s what it looks like,” answered the caller, with screams heard in the background. Everyone ran inside.

In one of the body cam videos, an officer approaches a frightened woman who was inside a hit car.

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The officer asked her, “Are you okay?” And the visibly shaken woman says, “No, I’m shocked. I was going to work.”

Earlier in the video, the bulldozer hit two police cars and a car.

Officials said three Vinland police officers were slightly injured during the incident.

The Office of Public Integrity and Accountability, part of the Attorney General’s Office, is investigating the shooting involving the officer. As of January 2019, the attorney general’s office is required to investigate deaths that occur during a meeting with an on-duty law enforcement official, according to the press release.

The statement said investigators have met with Gonzalez’s family to review the recordings.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office did not mention any possible motive.


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