EU ministers want new emissions-free cars from 2035

joAccording to the wishes of EU countries, from 2035 only new cars that do not harm the climate will be sold in the EU. Ministers of environmental responsibility from 27 states agreed Wednesday night. A final compromise must now be negotiated with the EU parliament, which has demanded the definitive end of new cars with combustion engines from 2035. EU countries have committed to zero maritime restrictions on cars for to 2035.

These limits tell manufacturers how much CO2 their cars and vans can emit during operation. This means that from 2035 new cars with normal combustion engines will not be sold. Vehicles already registered will not be affected by the program. The UK, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium are already aiming for 2030.

During subsequent negotiations, the central government reached an internal compromise. According to a government spokesman on Tuesday, the EU pledged to present a proposal on how to register only vehicles with climate-friendly fuels after 2035. “According to the general understanding of the federal government, this also applies to cars of passengers and light commercial vehicles “.

European Commission back door

FDP had great concerns about agreeing to leave a practical combustion engine. The federal government now has the back door to develop a plan to consider climate-friendly fuels for new cars with internal combustion engines. The FDP insisted that after 2035, fuel-efficient cars powered by electricity could also be approved.

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Electric fuels are usually made with water and electricity with CO2. Whether it is environmentally friendly depends on where the electricity comes from and the fuels available. Excessive emphasis on synthetic fuels was rejected by the EU parliament, which agreed in early June to phase out combustion engines by 2035.

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The next step is for the EU and the European Parliament to hold joint negotiations. Although parliament voted in favor of the ban, they must agree on a common position. The European Commission made a proposal last year to eliminate combustion engines by 2035.

Federal Economy Minister Robert Hebeck has welcomed the agreement reached by EU environment ministers. “This is the largest climate protection package in Europe in 15 years,” the green politician said Wednesday night. This result is “a bold exclamation point for climate protection in Europe.”

In addition to the new climate requirements for new cars and vans, EU countries agreed 59.59 billion for climate social financing and reform of the EU emissions trading system.

Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke (green) announced that Europe “is paving the way for greater climate protection in transport”. The EU is sending a clear signal that “we need to achieve climate goals that provide the necessary planning security for the automotive industry.”

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