Fear of Russian invasion of Poland! People went to the gas station, the state-owned company set limits

The Polish people went to the gas stations to refuel, worried about Russia’s attacks on neighboring Ukraine.

Despite statements from the authorities that there are no problems with the supply of fuel, the public began to stock up on the containers as well as fill their warehouses.

Third day of Russian occupation of Ukraine: heavy bombing of Kiev

Russia is sending a nuclear-capable ballistic missile to the west of the country!Russia is sending a nuclear-capable ballistic missile to the west of the country!

US Secretary of State Blinken meets with Ukrainian Foreign Minister KulebaUS Secretary of State Blinken meets with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba


State oil company PKN Orlen, on the other hand, announced that a restriction on fuel sales would be imposed due to the density of service stations. In the company statement, it was reported that a fuel filling limit of 50 liters for both cars and 500 liters for trucks was introduced at the same time.

The communiqué states that as a result of the evolution of the last few days, the demand for fuel in the country has more than doubled, it is stated that there are no restrictions on public vehicles. The communiqué also states that the restriction in question will be lifted after the delay at the petrol stations is removed.


Citizens went to the gas stations after the announcement that there would be an increase in fuel prices in Belgium from midnight. Long queues formed at gas stations across the country during the night.

Belgium also took its share of rising oil prices following rising energy prices around the world and the war between Russia and Ukraine. Following the announcement that there will be an increase in the country, effective from midnight, which connects Friday to Saturday, people have gone to the gas stations to fill the tanks. Citizens who tried to buy fuel before the price increase came into force formed long queues at gas stations.

In addition, in Belgium, which broke the record with the rise, the price of a liter of diesel will reach 1,927 euros. In addition to diesel, which is sold at 1,670 euros in the market and will increase by 8 cents , gasoline will increase by 7 cents per liter. As a result, 95-octane gasoline will be sold in the country at a price of 1,869 euros, while the price of a liter of 98-octane gasoline will rise to 1,977.

On the other hand, the rise in energy prices in recent months has led to a gradual weakening of Belgium’s purchasing power. While the country’s economic crisis is expected to grow with the recent rise in fuel prices, it is reported that nearly 2 million households may not be able to meet their energy costs in the coming months due to the weakening. of low and medium capacity. – Income to be paid by citizens.



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