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Formerly, 10-15 days before the religious holidays sale of vehicles Those who wanted to get up, go to their hometown, take in the sea air, those who thought of going up the mountains and cooling off on the plateau, ran to car dealerships and flea markets. cars.

Today, due to rising prices, it is in the vehicle market before Kurban Bayram. the leaf does not move.


Before with end-of-season discounts the shops were merry.

The 40 and 50 percent discount labels adorned the shop windows.

Get the end of season discount today.

You bought the product, you got it; There is no guarantee that you will not receive an increase tomorrow.


Before, ‘If you have a house to sleep in, if yours boils on the stove, if your loved ones are with you, then you have the greatest wealth in the world. Those who said they could have chickpeas, beans, pods and sofas on loan a bit.

To become a homeowner today, you must be rich from your ancestors or grandparents, or you must win a grand prize in the lottery.


The interest that banks used to pay to maintain the value of your money the majority It was a safe haven. The interest rate was roughly equal to the rate of inflation.

Today, official inflation is 70 percent, interest on deposits at 20 percent If you are not an enemy of your money, you will not even go through the banks.


In order to reduce the cost of fuel in the past diesel cars are preferred while saving more GLP would hang.

Today, the only solution due to rising fuel prices force at the base to happen.


The cost of living has to be something like that.

Why can’t opposition parties be an alternative?

The economy is on fire, prices are soaring in the market, it takes courage to get into gas stations.

In this environment, the ruling party remains the first in all polls.

Okay, but why?

Opposition parties talk about the cost, the price of bread, remembering that everything is expensive, from vegetables to fruits.

True, but citizens already he knows.

Every day beyond knowing lives.

Citizens do not expect the opposition to comment on the cost of living, high inflation and declining purchasing power.

“If you come to power, how will you solve my problems?”Is waiting for an answer.

BALGÖÇ has not seen a fight like this since he became BALGÖÇ

and BALGÖÇ Whether you decide to choose or not …

Whether you appoint a trustee or not …

Whether the candidates join or not …

The discussion does not end, the struggle does not end, the controversy does not stop.

Ultimately, a trustee has been appointed, but this time there is talk of the trustee’s impartiality.

The Catalan Ombudsman has set an election date, however

this time, the date of the election is disputed.

These are debates that not all candidates would oppose. big brother formula It will end, I can’t help but think.

social media frenzy

Place Inegol de Bursa people.

2 people are shooting, and the other is recording these moments with a cell phone camera.

And that’s crazy Tik Tok shared on the social media platform.

Previously, we saw those who lost their lives while taking a selfie on the edge of the cliff, and we witnessed those who recorded images of them cutting to death in traffic.

But for the first time, we saw people shooting at clicks.

Eyyy virtual world and fake, what are you capable of?

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