From Aleyna Tilki to Demet Akalın: I should have guessed that the level would decrease

The debate over “stardom” between Demet Akalın and Aleyna Tilki is growing. When Aleyna Tilki responded to Demet Akalın, things got mixed up. Following the response she received, Aleyna Tilki said, “When I answered you, I should have guessed that the level would go down.”

During the championship celebrations in Trabzon, the video of fans enjoying Demet Akalın’s song ‘Club’ became the agenda, and FIFA shared these images. Akalın said to his fan: “Ask for copyright” and said: “Guys will make me a world star! Don’t listen to Aleyna (Fox). “Where am I sitting? What is it? The important thing is not the frost, it’s the song.”

Aleyna Tilki’s comment created an event on social media. The young singer said: “Those who think that the world star will play a song in the championship, can watch my first interview in English on the Spotify GLOBAL page. I am very happy to be the first Turk to do this, thanks to the I have infinite respect for those who do not support me, but I no longer have love, “said the old friend.


Demet Akalın, on the other hand, told Tilki: “Your only rival is space star Mustafa Topaloğlu. Don’t worry, we’ll tell the Fifa champion and he’ll share you with you too.”

Aleyna Tilki responded to this response and told Akalın: “Instead of living a life of luxury with my current income, I have been working abroad alone for years. I regret that you want to undermine your dreams instead of to the young people. When I answered you, I should have guessed that the level would go down in return. I apologize to my fans. ” .


A surprise name was included on Akalın’s debut. Ersay Üner, who made a name for herself with her compositions, used the following expressions in her social media sharing, where she defended Aleyna Tilki and Edis:

” Edis and Aleyna … They both had a lot of success in their country when they were 20 years old. If they want, they can settle for their career here and have the equipment to buy houses and cars and enjoy them. What are they doing? They are risking everything and investing in themselves and their business. They spend time and effort pursuing their dreams. Sure, there will be criticism, but style and respect are important. I respect them both and wish them luck. Congratulations on your courage. “

“There is no ingratitude, dear!”

After these words of Uner, Demet Akalın shared it. Sharing a photo of a luxury car, the singer said, “We took it to the door of some, but in the end it became the enemy. It’s ungrateful, darling!” dit.

Akalın, who shared his photo with his life partner Okan Kurt, took this frame; “I don’t know for once. You’ll hear the big word. You’re a jerk of people, I swear you’re small,” the note dropped.

Demet Akalın, 50, posted the song ‘Club’ from her Instagram account, which was also on the agenda, with the note “Sometimes you sit down. When your heart is clean at work, the the world speaks to you “.


Demet Akalın separated from Ersay Üner after 10 years of cooperation. Explaining that he was the party that ended the cooperation, Üner explained that recently they had experienced some important problems both work-related and personal.

The famous name read: “I hear words like ‘Demet Akalın removed Ersay from his life.’ There’s no such thing. Demet didn’t take me out, I took him out of my life. “The energy between us has deteriorated. 25 days ago, we had some serious business and personal problems. I don’t want to work with Demet anymore because I find Demet to be very insincere. I thought we were friends, but I’m Our relationship was just business, I had heard a lot of nasty things from the outside before, but I didn’t hear them say, “We’re friends, nothing.” “That’s what they are, it’s going to be something. That’s why I don’t want to talk. But if he comes out and talks about me, I’ll explain everything.”

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