Gta Turk Tricks: Cheating Passwords for Cars, Guns, Money, Helicopters, Immortality and Police Survival (Computer)

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GTA Turk, released as the Turkish version of the GTA Vice City game, is one of the most played versions of GTA, especially by Turkish players.

GTA Turkish car tricks

The car trick is one of the most used Turkish GTA tricks. Especially players who are tired of always using the same car model often prefer tricks for different car models. The most used Turkish GTA car tricks are as follows;

You can do the “SEAWAYS” trick so that the car goes both by land and by sea.

You can type the trick “IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK” to make all the cars in the game black.

You can use the “BIGBANG” trick to blow up all the cars around you.

For Dozer, you can enter the code “EEGCYXT”.

For the limousine, you can type “ROCKANDROLLCAR”.

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For older cars, you can type “THELASTRIDE”.

You can type “BETTERTHANWALKING” to carry a classic golf cart.

For the race car, you can type “GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED”.

You can type “RUBBISHCAR” to have a garbage truck.

For a fast-paced race car, you can write “GET INCREDIBLY FAST”.

You can type “GETTHHEREFAST” to bring a Nokia car.

If you want a tank, you can call a tank by typing “PANZER”.

“GETTHEREQUICKLY” brings the fastest racing cars.

“TRAVELINSTYLE” helps you get an old race car.

GTA Turkish weapon tricks, money, helicopter, immortality

Weapons, armor and life are very important for Turkish GTA players. The weapon tricks you can apply to GTA Turk are as follows;

For heavy weapons you can write “Nuttertools”.

You can kill your character by typing “ICANTTAKEITANYMORE”.

If you want the women around you to protect you in the game, you can write “FANNYMAGNET”.

For professional weapons, you can type “PROFESSIONALTOOLS”.

For steel vests, you can write “BEAUTIFUL PROTECTION.”

For simple weapons, you can type “HUGSTOOLS”.

There are no money traps in GTA Turk. However, to make money easily, you can call a tank by typing “PANZER”, then enter the tank and do some homework. You can then exit the tank and type “BIGBANG” to blow up the tank. That way, you can earn $ 50 and then $ 200 each. If you want to call a helicopter in GTA Turk, two different tricks you can use are:

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You can go anywhere you want by typing “Airship”.

If you type “Flyingways”, you can go as easily as you want.

The tricks you can use in the game or if you have little life are as follows;

You can write “ASPIRIN” to restore your health and earn $ 250 at a time.

GTA Turkish police escape tricks

GTA is a game in itself that fights with the police. The most important point of this game is that the character completes the tasks given to him throughout the game without being caught in any way. The moves you make in the game can catch you in no time. In the game, you can see that the police are looking for you from the stars in the right corner. If a two-star average lights up, you can easily escape from the police. However, if they look for you with 4 and 5 stars, the police may catch you in no time. If they let you get caught by the police, your money will go and all the weapons you have will be taken from you. These are the tricks you can use to save yourself from the police or to keep chasing them;

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If you want to get rid of the police and you want the star to fall, you can easily get rid of the police by typing “LEAVEMEALONE”.

If you want the cops to chase you or not leave, you must type “YOUONT TAKEMEALIVE”.

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