He has been on the road for 66 years, watching a 1956 model car.

Nedim Eyigören, who has been working on the bodywork in a small industrial estate since 1965, looks at the 1956 Pontiac model car entrusted to him by his master. Eyigören, who said he did all the maintenance, repair and driving of the classic 66-year-old car, which was inherited from his late master, said the 1956 model vehicle reminded him of his childhood and youth.
Nedim Eyigören, who mentioned that the interior and exterior parts of the 66-year-old vehicle, which was inherited from his master Mustafa Tenliler, are completely original, claimed that the vehicle was not used by anyone other than himself. Nedim Eyigören, who said he was going as a bridal or circumcision car to the wedding of his close acquaintances, claimed that his only condition was to drive the car himself. Noting that he himself did all the maintenance of the vehicle, Eyigören also stated that the vehicle in the industry store attracted a lot of customer attention.

Eyigören: “We quit our jobs, we didn’t give up these cars”
Bodybuilder Nedim Eyigören, who has 57 years of experience in mechanics, said his passion for classic cars has been around since childhood. Eyigören said: “I’ve been a master in the small industry for over 50 years. It’s time to quit our jobs, but we can’t give up these cars. These cars are the cars of my childhood, youth and adolescence. We are the last generation that has been kneaded by these cars since childhood and that we understand the language of these cars.
No one else understands. That’s why we are always on the road taking care of this car, “he said.

“Model 1956”
Noting that he periodically does all the maintenance of the classic 66-year-old car, Eyigören said: “This car is a 1956 Pontiac model. It’s a unique car. The first owner of this car is a doctor. After that, It was passed on to my late master, Mustafa Tenliler, and we have had this vehicle for years. Because my dealer was in vain, I always repaired these classic cars, they grazed me with them. I keep this car all the time. and the water, I open the wheels, I take care of the brakes because I know it myself. The car doesn’t always come out, it stays in the store, but I always take care of it, “he said.

“Great Interest”
Eyigören, who said that the classic car in a shop on the industrial site attracted a lot of attention, said: “People who come to the shop where the car is constantly parked show a lot of interest in this classic car. , if they ask a lot, if it is very familiar, I use it as a bridal car with the condition of driving the car myself to weddings ”.

“All pieces are original”
Nedim Eyigören stated that the interior and exterior parts of the car are made of original parts: “Our car radio is original. In addition, all are original, but the indicators, odometer, temperature, gasoline and oil work smoothly. the accessories seen from the car are in working order, all are original, owned by them.In addition to the interior of the vehicle, headlights, grilles, bird in front, all are original, including nickels.

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