He throws stones at the drummers with the rhythm he maintains while making the horseshoe.

Blacksmith Arif Ündar, 46, who continues his heritage profession in the Tekeler district of Karpuzlu district of Aydın, almost throws stones at the drummers with the rhythm he beats while horseshoes.

In Aydın, where the best quality olives in the world are grown, horses, donkeys and mules are the hands of the producers in the rugged terrain where no vehicles enter. Arif Ündar, who has worked as a blacksmith for many years in the rural Tekeler district of Karpuzlu, continues his father’s profession while the pack animals take care of the harvest season. Ündar, who maintained a unique rhythm while preparing horseshoes and did not look for drummers at the rate he maintained, claimed that interest in his profession was waning day by day.

“Not all blacksmiths can do that”

Claiming that the rhythm he used while preparing the horseshoes by hitting the iron with a hammer was unique to him, blacksmith Arif Ündar said: “This rhythm depends entirely on the blacksmith himself. Not all blacksmiths can make that sound. I learned that from my father, and I continue to do so. ” As you know, this is a difficult job that requires strength and power. Thanks to these rhythms I try to make my work easier and more fun, and I also prepare my shoes, “he said.

“I used to nail between 15 and 20 animals a day”

Noticing that his business is weakening day by day, Ündar said: “We have shoes, horses, donkeys and mules also have hooves. Our business is not the same as before. Because there are roads almost everywhere. in our neighborhood, cars can go anywhere. In the past, we used to work with pack animals in places where cars couldn’t get out. “We used to go with them, but now cars are used. When I was 15-20 years old, we were feeding 15-20 animals a day. But today this figure has dropped quite a bit. We only nail 4-5 times a month. Although there is some movement in our work during the periods of the olive tree, it’s not satisfying. “The iron slips into our hands as if we had smeared it and we can’t grab a hammer. .

“I’m proud of my job”

Declaring that he has been a blacksmith for about 36 years and that he continues the profession he learned from his father, Ünvar said: “I have been in this business for 9-10 years. This is my father’s profession. Thank you to my father, my father taught this profession as a gold bracelet and I try to apply what he taught to keep his memory alive as long as I can. Being a blacksmith is also a very old profession as it is a legacy of the My father is proud of my profession, I have loved my job to this day, and from now on I will do it with love, it always has a special place in me because it is a profession I learned from my father. 15 -20 minutes. Measurement As for the subject, I usually know the sizes of the animals that I always wear. of iron is 23 TL, so the citizens say that the prices are so high there is nothing we can do about it. cut the iron with scissors in certain sizes and then stretch I make horseshoes by hitting the inside. In addition to knowledge, the strength of the arm and wrist is also very important, “he said, adding that the prices of horseshoes for mules and horses are around 110-120 TL.

Adding that young people show no interest in the profession, Undar said, “There are no apprentices in our profession. The new generation is not interested in this kind of work anyway, they don’t want to learn. When we want to teach, they don’t want to teach. they don’t come close, they use the smell and dirt of the animals as an excuse. “

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