Hello world, we are enemies! – GEAR ENGINE

named Elon Musk “mekuk” The man explained that life on Mars would be dangerous and difficult.
“Those who left may not return” dit.
Surely that will be the case.
Due to the gravitational difference with our world, the biological structure of people will also change.
A child born there will not be able to live here.
These, like the Germans of Turkish descent, “Martians of Earth Origin” They become.
But Musk himself also cuts $ 100,000 per person to take him to Mars …
Not only was he going to take it and take it with him, but he was going to establish a city there and place them …
Collects immigrants.
Even if he makes an artificial oxygen store (what city is this?), He is forced to wear an astronaut suit with a tube coming out …
Those who take this man seriously and those who will take them better think twice.
With that money, they should buy land on Metaverse (!)
Or throw money out the window on the street “Crush” It is a shorter route.


On the other hand, it was feared that if there was contact with aliens, it would have bad consequences …
So how do you know they’ll be friends?
What if they stick to our backs and take control of our brain and nervous system?
neither “with the beam of knowledge” what if they burn us?
neither “The Twilight Zone” What if they tried to eat us like they did in an episode of the TV series?
We may not always find a beautiful Hollywood star to save the world.
They are sending a message into space, but that is also useless.
This was first done in 1972 by the teacher Carl Sagan had tried.
They had drawn a drawing of a man and a woman on a gold-plated aluminum plate.
The solar system was shown and the earth was marked with an arrow. They also drew a hydrogen atom, these aliens “We are not ignorant, We saw a school and a madrassa ” I meant.
“3.1416” If they had written, it might have been a shorter communication route.
The vehicle is already out of the solar system … Who knows how many more millions of years will pass?


Forget it, let me tell you a delicious cartoon that I haven’t forgotten for years:
A flying saucer landed in front of a workshop on the premises of the car industry … Two aliens came out of it, “Hello world, we’re friends!” says …
The learner’s answer:
“Do not block the front of the store mate, get your car out! my master in the market gone, if you have business sit back and wait Don’t get upset if you don’t have a job! “


Or were you waiting for the letter of April 23 today?
Everyone will write, you read them. They are the same words anyway.


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