How did Gokturk, one of the oldest languages ​​in the world, become popular?

The Göktürks are the first state to use the Turkish name in history! Therefore, the Göktürk are of great importance to Turkish history. The Göktürks, which existed between the 6th and 8th centuries AD, were an influential state throughout Central Asia. In addition, the “Orkhon Inscriptions”, which contain the first known Turkish written texts, were also written during the Gokturks! The Göktürk alphabet was used until the 10th century AD. However, during the following centuries, Göktürk was almost completely forgotten. From the 19th century onwards and especially with the establishment of the republic, the Göktürks were remembered again.

On the other hand, both Göktürks and the language they speak are more popular than they have ever been for thousands of years! It is extremely common to see cars decorated with Gokturk letters in traffic today! On the other hand, many people get tattoos with Göktürk letters. Göktürk has been quite common among security forces in recent years! It is possible to see both the Göktürk flag and Göktürk’s words on the uniforms, weapons or shields of security personnel. In addition, we often come across this language in movies and TV series. There are different reasons why Göktürk has become very popular lately. However, the biggest part is social media … Independent Turkish has prepared great news on the subject. Let’s look at the details together.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of people and associations working in Göktürk.

The work of these people and associations is an important factor in the spread of Göktürk. The work of individuals and associations whose main objectives are to spread the Göktürk language is followed with great interest. Some associations organize joint studies with the Ministry of National Education. In this context, symposia and trainings on the Gokturk language are organized in schools and associations. These studies allow Göktürk to be known by many people.

The biggest part of Göktürk’s spread is social media.


In fact, it can even be said that social media has revived the Göktürk language! Posts about Göktürk on social media claim that this ancient language attracts a lot of attention, especially among young people. In addition, sharing on social media people and associations working in this language is also effective. Within the scope of these studies, Göktürk language lessons are given from social media platforms. Thus, it is easier to reach people who want to know this Göktürk language up close.

People from different lifestyles show interest in Göktürk.


According to the associations working in Göktürk, interest in Göktürk does not focus on a specific political vision. People from different political backgrounds and lifestyles are interested in Göktürk. Many people follow the activities in Göktürk because they are curious about this language. However, some people’s interest in Göktürk is due to the fact that this ancient language has become fashionable. On the other hand, the most frequently asked question faced by people and associations providing education in Gokturk is “How can I write my name in the Gokturk alphabet?”

Today, approximately 30,000 people can understand Göktürk.

Studies and social media play an important role in increasing the number of people who understand Göktürk. In addition, Göktürk is said to be the basis of modern Turkish. In this sense, the people who teach Göktürk say that Göktürk can be easily learned even with training on the Internet.

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