How did the Knight Rider drive itself?

Many had forgotten riding knight Had it not been for two things, David Hasselhoff and Kate, a modified Pontiac Trans Am. An acronym for Knight Industries Two Thousand, the black Pontiac is one of the televisions classic cars. KITT stars as Hasselhoff and his friend in his adventures as ex-police officer Michael Knight.

Legally speaking, the car has seen a modification capable of accelerating to 60 mph in about two seconds. It also finishes the quarter mile in 4.4 seconds. More importantly, the car has the KITT microprocessor, who can drive the car, take it through death-defying stunts, and save the situation. In fact, for the show, Pontiac started with only three modifications. First, a small red strobe light on the front bumper indicates when the vehicle is talking. Second, a jet-like interior with a yoke-inspired steering wheel. Finally, an ingenious system for stunt drivers that can’t be detected.

For Pontiac Trans Am Ser: How the team behind the show got the car moving on its own.

This is how KITT drove itself


One man made classic cars for movies and TV like the legendary Batmobile and KITT in preparation for the first season of 1982 riding knight, Universal Studios approached Georges Paris with a car brief. Prior to CGI, stunts relied on practical effects and often required only one shot. While David Hasselhoff may have many talents including acting, singing and entering Freedom on the Berlin Wall. Asking them to drive car stunts would be unreasonable and risk the star of the show. The acrobatic driver should have been in the car but could not be seen in the camera.

In Barris’ 1996 book, he reveals how his team achieved it. Trans Am saw a right-hand drive conversion. This new driving position was lower in the car. This means that the acrobatic driver was not in front of the camera and the dashboard in the road. Then the acrobatic driver hides in the modified seat and can see slightly above the dashboard.

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What can KITT do?

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horrible side of riding knight is how KITT talks. The car is a 1980s vision of what artificial intelligence or computers could become, and it has personality. At one point, KITT was almost destroyed and underwent a series of tests to prove that it was completely overhauled. Hasselhoff drives against a wooden wall as a final test, and they stop when KITT disobeys the driver’s right foot. This looks remarkably like the modern autonomous driving modes.

Comparison with a modern car is unnecessary. In 2018, Jay Leno hosted one of the KITT cars used in the show. Leno refers to the car’s old CRT TV in the dashboard. On the show, he makes video calls. Geared towards the driver, they are very similar to modern infotainment systems.

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Looking inside, Leno notes all of the KITT’s driving modes. These include regular flights, automatic flights, and chase. With the option of Turbo Boost, oil slick and hydraulic lift to get your KITT through every loop. Paris bowed to the inspiration of flight, and included a compass. The interior is incredibly different from the regular Trans Am that took a lot of parts from the General Motors parts box.

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