In the middle of the morning and the chaos – New Dawn

This happens every morning. Brushing, shaving, brushing his teeth, he comes out with a fresh cologne, strength in his legs and a smile on his face. Well, he has to go out, right? After all, you will work all day, looking to save your decent salary.

However, the goose’s feet begin to feel long from the first minutes. Once you see it, the sidewalk has been dug up again and I said, “Well, they’re not going to dig that sidewalk anymore.” All the way. On the one hand, try not to fall into the pits, on the other hand, you approach (that is, a pedestrian) up to ten centimeters without putting yourself in the place of a man, and then move forward trying to protect has. of passing cars splashing mud. Oh my goodness! How many cars is this? They also put air pollution on coal. Well, the measurements were made in July, even in that month, the air in Istanbul was above world health standards, what do you think? There are exactly one million two hundred thousand cars in this city, do you understand?

When the problem opens, your upper respiratory tract is becoming blocked and your throat is starting to burn. Your heart is racing. Construction on the left side of the street has accelerated. However, this was a green field, here were a few acacias and quite a few poplars. On summer days, a few old men rested in its shade, and the children mounted swings on its branches. Who was it given to? I don’t know which farm and which facility will be established? Well, you’ll see it soon too. Gas tanker trucks, water tanker trucks, TIR trucks, sand and coal trucks sound the horns like daaaat, daaaat. Air horns that the ear does not support. Go down the stairs of the overpass, be careful, the man flows like a flood. If someone hits you on the shoulder, you can go head over heels. So they say who went to the shooting. The street stops have already covered the passage. The fat, red-cheeked beggars who had their children on their lap, selpak sellers, permatists, handkerchiefs, quince sellers, painters, teddy bear sellers, those who sold Mus tobacco, took the three-wheeled car. up there, as someone had done, it’s very sprayy, it doesn’t scream, A woman’s voice is on the tape, she’s trying to sell her merchandise by making her scream, she’s competing with the speakers of the cassette players.

Fifteen- and twenty-story apartments, office buildings, galleries, workshops, and skyscrapers rise to the slums of the opposite neighborhood. In between, there is a strange mosque. A large dome in the narrow land. A disproportionate minaret with three balconies. Almost none of the other constructions appear to have plaster. Covers are not covered either. On the top floor rusty iron ore curls. Obviously, the next floor is waiting for a new election. The fact that the buildings are stacked side by side, on top of each other, on top of each other, makes the view in front of them absurd.

An open stream passes in front of the neighborhood. The water in the stream is blue one day and red the next. All the jobs around the stream are already dumping their dirt in running water like sewage. The gypsies set up tents next to the stream. Three- and five-year-olds walk barefoot. The line of the fast tram that crosses a stream divides the landscape with thick lines from one end to the other. At some point, a road begins to pass under its large gray columns. Cars on the road are in line, obviously there is an accident ahead, traffic is not working. The red light of an ambulance flashes, its siren sounds bitter. Neither your eyes can see anything beautiful, nor your ears can hear a beautiful sound. You risk your life and throw yourself at the bus stop. Now it’s time to get in the vehicle. Because there is no queue at this stop. The crowd is attacking the front door of the incoming vehicle like an army attacking the enemy. Who cares if the elderly, children and women are crushed and pushed. This is the square. You know what they say: living in the city comes at a price. You will stop at red, you will go at green. Tell it to my con.

Let’s be merciful so we can put you in a car. By your behavior you can see that you are an old man. Plus, he has a huge package in his hand.

Anyway, now you’re on a bus.

Be grateful for your situation, try to get on one leg. If you have enough strength, blood pressure or something, you can go to work. No, if you’re going to get out of this car and get in another, then you’re burned, man. You are burned like firewood …

We have a blessed gazan …


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