Some are white with black skin,
Some in exile, some in exile,
First, in the equilibrium of the taqwa,

Adam and Eve are our ancestors,
It is our fault for separation and immaturity.
Ismail HAYAL

Before I begin my article, I would like to ask you, dear readers: What was your hometown, color, race, religion, language, sect, community, and, if so, what was your favorite team of early humans? that is, our parents, Adam and Eve? Were they from Fenerbahce, Cimbom, Black Eagle or Trabzonspor? Were they Turks, Kurds, Laces, Circassians, Arabs, Persians, Blondes, Blacks, Alevis or Sunnis …?

Almost all of you “Sir, what kind of introduction is this?” what you said and most of you ‘Hello teacher’ I can literally hear what you say through the noise in my ears.

Yes, dear friends. As our Prophet (SAV) said in his farewell sermon;

“Oh people!” Your Lord is one. Your father is one of them. You are all children of Adam. Adam is from the earth. An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, a non-Arab has no superiority over an Arab, just as a red-skinned person has no superiority over a red-skinned black person. Superiority is only in taqwa, fearing Allah. The most precious of you in the eyes of Allah is the one who fears him most. “

Alas, then, what is this animosity between us, you and I fighting, what is this haste for the goods, offices, and riches which we shall not have left? As you can understand by your own deceased about the relics they gave us, what went home with a stinky half.

Where are the titles in front of the names, the children you can’t stand to look at, the luxury cars you can’t decide which one to take with you, your apartments where you get a monthly rental fortune, your spouse, your job, your seats , your employees who take the word out of your mouth as an order and do them right?

Sabancılar and Koçlar are also five elbows wrapped in a cloth. Our poorest is in Mahmut with Bahçecikli, Gümüşhane. Someone’s grave is not the size of a 3 + 1 apartment. Everyone has to enter the land where we come from, there are those who do not have the part to enter the land.

Today, unfortunately, we have forgotten our brotherhood, and we are coming to the games of those who are deliberately made and those who try to bring discord among us, such as those on the right, leftists, Alevis, Sunnis, Turks, Kurds, and so on. Trabzonspor, people of Fenerbahce. Unfortunately, we do not have respect, love, and tolerance for one another.

We even misunderstand our freedoms. Someone stands up, he says, can’t be held in Istanbul, can’t hang the flag on Istanbul Bridge or Gümüşhane Street. Why do you own Istanbul or Gümüşhane? Someone comes out and says that I am free and that I can walk around this city naked, but I don’t even realize that my freedom is limited. Someone thinks that listening to music at the latest volume in an apartment or car is freedom.

No brother. There is no world as you say and think. Your freedom ends where my freedom is hampered.

Yes, no one is the same, but we are all children of the same parents. And we are special and beautiful with our differences. Have a great day.

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