It went viral on social media – that’s how they saved the woman who got sick while driving!

In the U.S. state of Florida, images of a fluid traffic incident were left on the agenda like a bomb when they were shared on social media. When a driver lost consciousness behind the wheel, the facts were reflected in the security cameras and a great disaster was averted …

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Florida police released a video of citizens fighting among themselves to save a woman who had a medical emergency while driving.

It was learned that the police were looking for the citizens in these images, which were reflected in the security cameras.

Boyton Beach police said in a statement that they wanted to identify these citizens and reunite with the woman they helped save.

Police shared pictures of the incredible event

In Palm Beach County, Florida, the Boyton Beach Police Department released an image yesterday showing a woman crashing into a slow-moving car at a busy intersection.

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Other cars in the video appeared to continue driving, maneuvering in front of the car moving diagonally along the six lanes of traffic.

As the car approached the opposite intersection, the woman in the driver’s seat began to greet the other drivers.

At the red light, several cars have maneuvered sideways or backwards to avoid colliding with the oncoming vehicle. More than half a dozen men and women got out of their cars and ran toward the car, protecting their bodies from braking the car until it finally stopped.

One of these people appears to be wearing military clothing. As the video progresses, it seems like more and more people are jumping out of their cars to help.

It went viral on social media - saving the woman who fell ill while driving

This is how the first aid of a brave woman came

A woman is seen wearing a bright green shirt grabbing an object from her own car and handing it to a man, breaking a window in the back seat.

In the end, the citizens who manage to open the doors of the passenger and the driver manage to get the woman out of the driver’s seat while the car is still running.

Three people can still be seen clinging to the front hood to hold the car, as the car slowly disappears from the view of the traffic camera.

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“We want to pay tribute to these helpful citizens who were available to help, but we need help to identify them all,” the police department said in a statement. dit.

It went viral on social media - saving the woman who fell ill while driving

This brave act may have prevented a great tragedy.

The police statement ended with the following note:

“If you or someone you know has been helpful in any way, please contact PIO Stephanie Slater at”


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