‘MAY 19’ Confusion back to Yks at Samsun

Students taking the Higher Education Institutions (YKS) exam in Samsun confused the 19 Mayıs District High School with the Samsun Center High School. The students ’effort to get to school 40km didn’t look like action movies.

Despite warnings from pre-YKS authorities, the negligence and misunderstanding of some students wasted their efforts for a year. Many students confused “19 Mayıs High School” in the Ilkadım district of Samsun and “19 Mayıs Anatolian High School” in the 19 Mayıs district. Students who came to 19 Mayıs High School in İlkadım instead of 19 Mayıs District were shocked. Students who arrived at the wrong school early were tempted to be taken to the district 40km away by vehicles.

“Efforts to catch up on the exam didn’t look like action movies”

According to the Directorate of National Education, 3 light commercial vehicles were waiting at 19 Mayıs High School in Ilkadım District to take students to the secondary school of the same name in 19 Mayıs District. The cars tried to pick up the students arriving in the wrong district and quickly take them to the district 40 km away. For the students who arrived at the wrong school half an hour before the exam, the commotion began. Students who did not take money and cell phones called for help from people around and around 112. While some students tried to get to school by a commercial taxi, other parents tried to take some students to school. Realizing that another student had arrived at the wrong school after leaving the car provided by the school, officers ran and tried to stop the vehicle 500 meters away. The school assistant, who kept the car waiting at the red light, made sure the student who arrived in the wrong district got in the car. At the time, running to pick up the car in the distance was not like action movies. Some parents claimed that the students were victims because the schools with the same name were in different districts.

Students who came to the school in the wrong district said, “We came here when I wrote May 19 High School in my exam entrance paper. We ignored the name of the district. Now we will try to put ourselves a day with the school, which is 40 km away, ”they said.

The Provincial Directorate of National Education issued a warning yesterday in order to avoid the confusion that is experienced every year. According to the warning, 19 Mayıs High School in Ilkadım District and 19 Mayıs Anatolian High School in 19 Mayıs District were confused during the entrance exams and therefore several grievances were experienced. . 19 Mayıs High School is located in the Ilkadım district of our city, and 19 Mayıs Anatolian High School is located in the 19 Mayıs district of our city. We want to inform the public that this situation must be taken into account in the documents for access to the tests.

Despite all the warnings, both the students who confused the school for the exam and the students who came to the exam at the last second were reflected in the cameras.


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