My car was delivered to schools in need with your project –

my car like, Community Volunteer Foundation (TOG) in collaboration with My car is your Toy Sharing Projectcompleted. Sell ​​trink with this project! By turning the service into entertainment, a page was designed where people can make a price inquiry representative of their “toy cars.”

The prepared page will be active for 1 month and will sell toy cars Trink! turned its value into donations. Revenue converted into donations; Community volunteers turned into support for young people to receive training in social responsibility and implement their educational projects. Besides my car liketoy cars made for children ‘s TOG Through Adana, Balikesir, Hatay, Izmir, Kütahya, Sivas i Vanto children in certain schools they study MNG load delivered with. website making your own query and toy toys for those who want to send their car to children NigdeHe was sent to a primary school in. Istanbulalso in a school in need in my car like Her employees and youth community volunteers distributed toys to the children.

How was it done?
Those who want to collaborate with the project can only add the representative value of the toy cars to the amount of the donation. my car likeThe sale of Trink! They supported us by asking questions with the service. Participants were asked to enter information about the brand of toy cars, when they bought it, how it works, and the material of the toy. Every query made my car like It became donations worth 5 TL, 10 TL, 15 TL.

Share your views on the project Arda Ayvaz, CEO of Arabam com“With our Car is Yours project, we mainly aim to support young community volunteers with educational projects. In fact, with our project we have contributed to raising awareness about social responsibility. On the page of our project, which we have prepared within the scope of this project, people only represent toy cars. Come drink! They contributed by questioning its value. Every query made my car like converted into donations. Participants also helped the project reach more people by sharing the certificates of gratitude they received on their social media accounts. When our subject was education, we wanted to make happy the children who study in the rural areas and, again, with the support of the young people of the community volunteering, we gave to the children of certain schools the toy cars that we had made especially for they. We want our project, which we have carried out for the first time this year, to be long-term and sustainable. We hope that with this project that we have carried out with TOG, we will raise awareness and increase awareness of social responsibility ”. made statements.

Ayşe Kırmızılı, Director General of the TOG Foundation On the subject; “As TOG, we aim to empower young people with various training, scholarships and mentoring programs for 20 years. As a youth foundation; We also care about the children, who are the young people of tomorrow, and we are very excited when we launch projects in which they are the protagonists. That is why, together with young people from Community Volunteering, we reach thousands of children every year, carrying out projects, carrying out workshops and providing training. We have reached hundreds of thousands of children through youth. Today we are together with one of our stakeholders, who believes in the power of young people and aims to create value for children. my car likeWe will support 200 young people to receive training in social responsibility, and we will witness their smiles with the gifts we have prepared for the children. We will continue to distribute toy cars to 7 different cities throughout the year. We are happy to be involved in such a valuable cooperation that focuses on young people and children. “

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