New generation technologies in energy conversion

This week’s guest on Electricity 4.0, published in Bloomberg HT, is the director of the Center for Energy, Environment and Economics at Özyeğin University, Prof. Dr. Pınar Mengüç became

prof. Dr. Pınar Mengüç made assessments on new generation technologies in energy transformation.

Mengüç stressed that the rate of fossil fuels is still very high in Turkey and that new electricity generation technologies must first be adapted to society, and that this is a psychological and sociological phenomenon.

“The proportion of fossil fuels is high in Turkey, it will not change easily”

The highlights of Mengüç’s statements are as follows:

How will new technologies affect Turkey? We need to look at all of this and then think about how we need to train the next generation of engineers and technicians. In terms of energy, the importance of electricity is even greater. Cleaner electricity is preferred and it is not easy to generate electricity. Electricity generation technologies are changing as much as the world, and each of them should not cause problems. Innovations must be made in every way and we need to think about how new technologies and new concepts can gradually enter society. There is talk of how we can spend 100% on renewable energy by 2050, but fossil fuels in Turkey are still very large, around 86-88%, and will not change easily. We need to completely change our way of thinking in order for that to change. The place where we spend the most energy right now is in the industry; steel production, cement production, even ammonia production and plastics production that we use in agriculture, all of them under There are new ideas, new innovations. There are also those that will replace plastic, there are concepts that will otherwise affect agriculture, but there are electric cars, there are newer power plants. These have adaptations to the industry. Why we do all this, we see the impact of climate change. We need to gradually move away from concepts such as carbon fossil fuels.

“It is very important to adapt to society”

Evaluating recent events in terms of energy, Mengüç said: “The war between Ukraine and Russia showed how much the world really depends on it. Consider that we have to buy energy from outside, and groups that buy food not only from Turkey. but also in Ukraine, it is not easy for something else to replace what they bought. It is not easy to replace energy with something else. It requires long-term planning. Turkey has come a long way in the last 15 years, but until And now, the amount of energy we get from solar and wind energy is about 10 to 12 percent of the total, and with geothermal energy, it’s not easy to accelerate anything that happens in this area. when we use the wind and the sun, or we have to use other areas while we are in them.Some of the areas are agricultural areas.Just look at the energy we use in transport, 17% of Turkey is used for transport. you say how much of the transport vehicles are electric, that is below 1 percent. To increase it, there has to be an infrastructure where more can be loaded, this is a social and psychological event, it is a social and psychological event. event.

“We have made a great contribution to energy efficiency in Turkey”

Finally, Mengüç spoke about the center they established under the name of Center for Energy, Environment and Economy (ECEM) and his book called Nano to Giga:

We founded ECEM about 12 years ago. Since then, we’ve started looking at different events, which is why we call it Nano in the last book we wrote, “Research and Applications of Nano to Giga.” These things need to be done to extract the concepts that have come in, so that we can adapt to new technologies much faster. On the other hand, the reason why we say Giga is the emission of carbon dioxide at the level of Gigaton, which we have saved with the unifying works we have done, we have formed a large group with the funds we have received from the projects of the European Union so far, we have received about 20 major projects. About 3 million euros of projects come from the European Union from around the world. I think we have made a great contribution to energy efficiency in Turkey. Recently, rising energy prices have made what we do a little more, what we do must be sustainable. We also need to train professionals who think of the generations that will come after us as unifiers.

“A new, modern city is being built in Pakistan”

We started a big project in Pakistan, a big city is being established. Somehow we can talk about the infrastructure and sustainability of the modern city. Because when the city is founded in 5-6 years, they want it to be one of the best examples in the world. The fact that they come to us for this is an indication that what we have done so far has happened, we must take everything we do with design. Taking design means we don’t just take things and put them together and apply them. That is, if you want to change the air conditioning, you should be able to change the air conditioning systems under a building. Our center is the strongest aspect of our center because engineers and physicists work in the our orders.

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