OK June 15, 2022 Real products are on sale! What’s in the OK catalog this week?

Agreed June 15, 2022 Opportunity products included in the actual product catalog were offered for sale. This week in OK; Game chairs, smart cars, electric scooters, freezers, furniture and sofa seats will be available at affordable prices. OK real products are also in the catalog; Champion Intelligent Remote Control Car for children is among the outstanding products with a price of 1,999 TL. tea OK June 15, 2022 Catalog of real products.


With the advantages of the campaign, a large number of products from the Textile and Clothing group, the Toys and basic needs group from the OK aktel product catalog will be offered to the market.

OK June 15, in the furniture group of the current product catalog; Evmo Anatolia Gray L Ke Sofa Set 2,799 TL, removable soho fabric, washable zippered pillowcase Evmo Ada Kilim Sofa 799.90 TL, Evmo Metal Nesting Table 499 TL, made of 18MM chipboard with metal body, Evmo ok Aml Rack90 Cabine 906 TL, the Evdemo Gold TV unit will be on the shelves at 699.90 TL.

OK has several products for players this week. The X-Jammer Gaming mouse pad will be offered for 64.90 TL, the Rampage Gaming headphones with plastic body and mixable microphone for 159.90 TL, the Rampage Gaming Chair with 3-function soft arm in black and red will be offered for sale at a price of 2,299 TL.

The current OK product catalog includes products that can be purchased as a gift card, as schools will be closed this week. This week in OK; The smart car with 2V Champion 1,999 TL remote control, LED wheels, 3 stages height-adjustable and folding Rookie Maxi Led Wheel Scooter will be available for 299.90 TL.

Selected educational and educational toys for children in the arrow catalog do not stop here. Pilsan Building Blocks 59.95 TL, Rookie Maxi Led Wheel Scooter 299.90 TL, Fun Stories and Winning Series 8.95 TL, Full Events 10.99 TL, Hot Wheels l Cars 49.95 TL, Hot Wheels and Balang Kits 99 , 95 TL, Barbie Pool Play Set 99.95 TL, 95 TL, Water Bombs Balloon 5.99 TL, Gokidy Military i Naat Uak Set 99.95 TL, Melisa Bicycle Travel Set 79.95 TL, Slazanger Football – Volleyball 99, 95 TL The Star Tech Blue and Pink Ikl Skate will be available for 299.90 TL.

UN June 17, 2022 Catalog of real products! What’s at the UN this week?

This week in OK, in the field of Textile and Clothing products; Women’s Cross Strap Slippers 39.95 TL, RG Slippers for Women 19.95 TL, Men’s One Side Slippers Slippers 34.95 TL, White Vatkal T-Shirt for Women 49.95 TL, Kuakl Viscose Slippers for the woman 49.95 TL. ,

What’s on the A101 this week? A101 June 16, 2022 Catalog of current products

In addition, 25 TL and more purchases at OK Markets; Fairy 1000 ml lotion will be sold for 26 TL instead of 40.95 TL, Nescafe 200 gr Classic Coffee will be sold for 50 TL instead of 79.95 TL.

What’s on Tuesday at the UN this week? UN June 14, 2022 Catalog of current products

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