On the way to the Sivas Congress – New message

We always stress that the best answer to those who call Mustafa Kemal irreligious is the War of Independence.

While the Kuvva movement, which developed with the material and moral support of the clergy, left this city after the Erzurum Congress and went to Sivas for the Sivas Congress, both Raif Efendi and a sheikh of Nakşi Fevzi Efendi was with Mustafa Kemal.

The fact that Nakşi Sheik Fevzi Efendi sided with Mustafa Kemal is essentially proof that Atatürk was not against the Nakşi in a conditional way; It is also a test that acted together with all the teachers who did not betray the country in the War of Independence.

As they enter Sivas Province, they are in danger of a serious ambush.

The condition of Sheikh Fevzi Hodja to pray beside them, regardless of their life, is as follows:

“… It’s been about an hour since we left Erzincan and we were about to enter the Erzincan Strait. At that moment, we could see binoculars signaling from afar. getting a little closer to the signalmen, we saw that they were gendarmerie officers and soldiers.

When we approached them, they said, ‘Stop. We stopped. We were observing that the gendarmerie officer, who was going in my Pasha’s car, was explaining something hastily and was showing his throat and the steep mountains around him with his hand. We wondered. We got out of the car and headed for Pasha.

Briefly, the gendarmerie officer said:

‘Musallah, the Dersim gangs have closed the strait. It is impossible to cross the strait. I wanted strength from the center. As soon as the force arrives, I will immediately attack the bandit and open my throat. Only after this will it be possible for the caravan to cross the strait safely. The situation was serious and even threatening.

Pasha, after quietly listening to the gendarmerie officer’s explanation with his eyes gliding like the sun under his ruined eyebrows, got out of the car and asked the officer:

“Do you have any information on the number of the bandit?”

The officer replied, “I don’t know about Kat.”

Subsequently, the paxà’s questions and the officer’s answers continued as follows:

– Where in the throat did the bandit take a stand?

– Its procedures. They allow entry into the throat. When the convoy is over, they block both sides of the road.

– So we’ll go into the strait, we’ll see that our path is blocked and our backs will be cut off before we go out, right?

– Yes.

– But you do not have precise information about the amount of the bandit or where he hid.

– We do not have information based on observation. I presented our intelligence.

-How much power did you want from the center?

-I asked for a battalion. It’s okay for one or two divisions to arrive.

– What time will the news you have sent arrive at the center and what time will the reinforcements arrive here?

-Kıt’a will be here tomorrow if it starts immediately.

-How long does it take to clear your throat?

The gendarmerie officer seemed doubtful that he could even clear his throat. What he said was maybe true, maybe false, maybe exaggerated.

However, it was probably just a guess and there was no close contact between the gendarmerie and the Dersim bandit. After thinking for a second, Pasha turned to us and said,

‘You know, our work is in a hurry. We need to catch up with the Sivas Congress that day. Just as we cannot change our itinerary, we cannot delay the opening of Congress.

Our delay, especially our delay because there are bandits on the roads, will paralyze the congress and expand like an avalanche, causing political panic in Sivas.

I think you have to be punctual in Sivas at all costs. Whatever happens, we must continue on our path, taking all the risks. “

Pasha, at this point in his words, raising his voice a little more and getting excited;

‘We have light machine guns in one of the cars. Osman Bey (He was a captain at the time. He died when he was a general. Osman Tufan has died) and a few friends keep the machine guns ready and move on.

Let our cars follow him. Regardless of the fires coming from the environment, our cars are advancing at full speed. But if a bandit comes in front of us and the road is blocked, we will immediately get out of the cars and immediately put ourselves in position and light the corresponding fire. At the end of permissiveness, we either manage to open the way or we die.

However, my advice is: In this case, if there are any wounded or dead among us, we will never relate to them. For the survivors, even if there is only one person, their goal will be to reach Sivas, ”he said, looking us in the eye.

‘That’s my decision, do you agree?’ he asked.

Without exception, we said, “Of course, my Passion.” We jumped in the cars. Pasha gave the following order to the gendarmerie officer: ‘Let’s go. Bye. If you wish, you can advance towards the throat with your current strength. If we keep a prey, maybe you can strengthen us. There was no problem.

We were all willing to sacrifice our lives for the cause of the national cause and we were under the orders of Mustafa Kemal. We were quiet and peaceful.

(…) Seyh Fevzi Efendi, a member of the Representative Committee we took from Erzincan, was also with us. Sheikh Effendi, a tall man with a long beard and sharp eyes, was going in the car where Süreyya and I were going. He thought a lot and spoke little.

He was wearing a turban and a tunic, which were reserved for the sheikhs of the Naqshi order. Although he spoke little, he always composed ingenious sentences and used as much wisdom and Sufi style as possible.

In particular, the fact that he always started talking like “your poor” and was extremely modest, immediately instilled in him an emotional respect.

Fevzi Efendi, in the face of hasty warnings and opinions from the gendarmerie officer, and the excited decision of Mustafa Kemal Pasha who showed determination and will, Fevzi Efendi also showed strength and said: “With the attack of the Dersim bandit , the order of the Lord will surely be achieved.

We are on our way to a veteran God, a homeland and a veteran nation, ”he says, reinforcing our spirituality, and it was understood that he was praying to himself as he crossed the Bosphorus singing his rosary calmly.

But thank God, after a few hours of exciting travel without any malfunctions, we had already left our throats behind. “(Prof. Dr. Haydar Bas Welcome the work of Atatürk sh: 375)

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