One day we will all own Tesla

Yesterday I went with a Tesla for the first time.

I’m not interested in cars, I don’t understand, so far I’ve only had one car (made in Germany, there’s a star in front of it), and I’ve never bought it again. I’ve been wondering about Tesla for a long time, but I thought so. I recently called an Uber at the airport, a brand new white Tesla came out of the lottery. Early pilots always make the same mistake, so it was hard for me to get in first: I had to push the doorknob to get out. Like going up, going down was also a problem. You can pull the knob out of the door as we are used to, but the Tesla software gets angry. You must first press and hold the button. Keyless cars have become commonplace, but to start a Tesla you need to put the key in a certain place. Phones are also charged wirelessly using the Qi method. The most impressive part is the top panel of the car; I’m a long way from the car speech “roof”Am I right? A full-length “sunroof” points out but does not let the sun in. Like the window filters on Boeing’s Dreamliner planes.

Tesla also has no control panel, everything is managed from the big tablet in the middle. Next-generation cars have Tesla software instead of Apple Car Play, which makes life easier and I know of rental cars. The driver was very satisfied. I was watching Netflix while uploading.

Overall, I found the material used in it a bit cheap. Apple products in your hands, at least Jon Ive period: you feel privileged to use a product that consists of carefully selected materials, from the screw used when you buy it. Tesla doesn’t have that. Sure, it’s not like the mid-low end market vehicles, but it does look a bit cheap compared to its price and image. The image is very important because it is this image that makes me ask and talk about Tesla.

The perception created by Tesla recalls the rebirth of Apple in the early 2000s.

Steve Jobs After the launch of the colorful iMacs, Apple users became a new community among themselves, and the use of Apple became the name of privilege. It’s not very common in Turkey, but if the person you just met in the US doesn’t use iMessage after making a phone call, it’s very possible to break the relationship. I don’t even want to continue communication if the other person’s mail bubble is green. The color of the message also prevents love affairs.

Especially in Los Angeles, I see Tesla all the time on the street. They are black and white, just like the black and white iPhones of yesteryear. Occasionally, an almost dark blue is also seen, the name deep blue, but it is mostly black or white. In Manhattan, Uber’s rival company Revel drove a bright blue Tesla on the streets.

The Tesla that came to pick me up at O’Hare was also white. Those riding a Tesla for the first time have a conversation about customer satisfaction with the driver. Because Tesla seems to be a product that previously seemed inaccessible such as laser disk, kindle, drone, etc., but which was first owned by the rich and cared for by others. The most affordable model, the Tesla 3, which starts at $ 46,000 in the US, is more expensive than the average car on the market, and adds to the $ 12,000 autonomous driving feature. For comparison, let me tell you that the BMW 4 Series starts at $ 47,000. BMW is a much more elegant luxury car, made with care and using better materials. Tesla 3 is the initial model. But BMW does not have the dizzying effect of having a Tesla. I’m literally talking about dizziness – turn your head and watch as you cross the road, “Oh Tesla” you show. I don’t think anyone has looked back at the BMW i8.

What a more comfortable life without going to the gas station.

The driver who picked me up had three cars. One is Acura and the other is something I don’t remember, but it’s back to being the top segment. He likes Tesla better and is very happy not to refuel. Since you live in a single-family home, you will soon have a charger connected, so you will be relieved of the hassle of going to the stations and filling it up. Chicago is the big city, many nearby charging stations appear on the Tesla screen at the click of a button. There are many options, fast charging stations. It takes 30 minutes to fill once a day; despite using Uber all day. The single charge at the fast charging station costs $ 15. Some sites offer free recharges to encourage use, but they are often not fast charging.

The loading problem is a bit confusing, it is possible to get lost in the jargon. There is also a fast charge that takes half an hour or three hours. Home chargers typically require you to plug in for eight hours. Of course, that will change over time.

Another acquaintance of mine, a Tesla owner, has equipped all his houses with solar panels sold by the company, they fill two vehicles with the electricity they produce and they cover the needs of the house. They also return the surplus electricity to the city.

Let’s get to the title question: will we all have Tesla someday?

For now, it looks like a toy only for high-income people, but all vehicles can be expected to be electric in the near future. The fate of the electric car, which will not be like a laser disk, will spread to everyone like a smartphone. Undoubtedly, one day, the price will go down and models suitable for different budgets will come out. The iPhone is still expensive because Apple’s company policy is to sell its products more expensive than its competitors. But there are also many cheap smartphones on the market. The electric car will also go this way. Joe BidenThe goal is to make all government vehicles electric to prepare America for the future of the electric car.

However, we do not know how quickly this change will occur. Electric car in the United States recently in the Wall Street Journal “road trip” There was an article describing the nightmare of a couple who wanted to do it. found on the way and “fast” Charging stations called charging stations filled the car 10 percent in three hours, could not find a station in many places, most of their time was spent in the parking lots of malls or car dealerships.

In big cities, charging stations are more common, and if you are going around the city, an electric car is also ideal. But it is still too early to travel between cities. As you know, technology has advanced in every way, but it is still dragging on with batteries.

Last summer, I drove a friend’s electric car to Çeşme for a week or two. We recharged it every two or three days, but as the remaining miles slowed down, we got nervous and turned off the air conditioning so as not to get stuck on the road. In fact, its range was 200 km, but users know that this distance is shorter on the highway. In fact, we were unable to travel from Çeşme to İzmir Airport for a single charge. I don’t know if it was done this summer, but last summer there was no cargo unit at the airport, and we asked the dealer for a car loan to go back to Çeşme, they took ours to collect and it became in an unnecessarily long adventure that I bored as I remember. But it was great to load it at home and scrub it without ever going through a Cesme gas station. If there was no recharging at home, but the electric car would be useless because there were no charging units on the beaches or restaurants where we were going.

The irony of the matter is that last year, almost every restaurant in Çeşme promoted an electric model of a luxury car. Without infrastructure, electric vehicles are a luxury everywhere at the moment, but the day will come when they will become massive.

In fact, my problem was writing about gasoline prices, not electric vehicles.

Everyone in the US is talking about gas prices these days. Even those without a car. For the first time in many years, a gallon (3.78 liters) of gasoline has exceeded five dollars, compared to the country’s average inflation. The Uber driver’s Acura MDX was charged for $ 92 last week. In California, where taxes are high, there are cities where it goes from seven to eight dollars a gallon. As Brent gains value, so does the price of the gasoline we buy. However, during the pandemic, oil prices fell below zero due to excess stocks and lack of demand. Now, gasoline prices are rising due to factors such as the inability to fully replace employees who were fired at the time, more travel and increased demand, and the war between Russia and Ukraine.

So much so that even Biden, who believes the electric vehicle is the future, is going to Saudi Arabia to patch the wound and ask for oil.

Gasoline prices will continue to rise, because oil companies see that the future lies in electric vehicles and do not want to dig more wells, increase investment, increase production. In the long run, as oil demand declines, so will its profitability, and it may be a loss when we all have Tesla one day.

Gasoline cars, like public telephones, will go down in history.

I’m on the phone at home — I write a lot — and I grew up with coins, now it seems like a distant past, a century ago. Can you see that today’s 20-year-olds charge a lot of money when they talk too much on the phone, and especially when they call in different countries and cities, the bill goes up? Now we can call all continents for free, we can talk to people from different continents for hours on the Internet, both without video and without voice. However, not so long ago, years ago, when we were afraid of the phone bill.

Changes in the automotive world are not as fast as in Silicon Valley. As a result, the chassis, software, interior finish, and radios changed and developed in the car, but their operation and structure remained more or less the same. Tesla changes both the engine, the door handle and the shape of the steering wheel. As the product he made was successful, it destroyed the market, the competition got hotter and the advanced car companies accelerated to enter the race. Although established companies like Ford could not keep up with the change. The other day, all electric Mustangs were withdrawn and dealers were asked to stop selling them. However, there is hope.

Under normal circumstances, the transition from a gasoline car to an electric vehicle would take decades, but it looks like it will be much faster. At least in more progressive cities like Los Angeles it is possible to see it. It should come as no surprise that 10 years later, a petrol car is said to be as old as a pay phone.

10 years is a short time for humanity, but a long time for people. Transitions are always painful. In a future where oil is abandoned, people will pay the price before the dependence on oil ends. Filling the tank will become more and more expensive and therefore life will be more difficult. After all, gasoline prices directly affect the fruits and vegetables we buy at home; As the cost of bringing the product to market increases, we will reflect. Until gasoline comes out of our lives. Remember the gas stations, some of which will be converted into electric recharging points, others that will be built as nightclubs or reminiscent of abandoned shopping malls, as an element of nostalgia.

But of course, this change will not end until November this year. The rising cost of living due to rising gasoline prices in the U.S. will cause the Democratic Party to lose its majority in Congress in the by-elections. Gasoline prices do not seem likely to fall until 2024, that is Joe Bidenhe will become president for a single term and will be replaced by a Republican. (Trump may not be.)

As for the main question …

How much is a liter of gasoline in Turkey and how much will it be in early summer 2023?

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