Opel brand vehicle for 65,000 TL! The cheapest starts at 30,000 TL cars for sale in the state

A tender notice has been published, which was announced on the last day of the week and applications will be received in the coming days. With the announcement published by Zonguldak Devrek municipality, it was announced that 7 vehicles belonging to the municipality will be sold. We share the prices of the vehicles on offer and their sales for those who have a car purchase plan.


According to the vehicle sale announcement from Devrek Township; The entity will sell 2 cars with the tender to be made. The prices of these sales were announced at 30,000 TL and 65,000 TL. In other words, those who want to buy a car will be able to own a car for 30,000 TL with the announcement published by the municipality. In addition, the institution announced that it will sell 2 dump trucks. The institution has set a price of 35,000 TL and 60,000 TL for these two vehicles. The other 3 vehicles on the list are of the construction equipment type. Two of the vehicles to be sold as construction equipment will be included in the tender at 30,000 TL and one at 50,000 TL.

Price table for the sale of vehicles

The price table for 7 vehicles was shared by Devrek Township. Together with the table of vehicle prices, the city council “These are the vehicles with the following make, model, type, registration, appraisal price, amount of the guarantee requested for participation, registered in the car park of our open at the place, day and time indicated, in accordance with Article 35 / c of the State Bidding Act No. 2886. It will be sold by auction.

Bid date: It will begin at 10:15 a.m. on March 9, 2022.

Bidding address: Devrek Municipality, Yeni Mah. Cumhuriyet Area No: 8 PK.67800 Devrek / Zonguldak


The municipality will receive applications for the sale of vehicles until March 9. The application process will end at the time of bidding. They will complete their applications before 10:15 a.m. on March 9th. For the approval of the applications will have to pay the rates of guarantee of tender that appear in the previous table of the municipality.

The second phase is the reading of the specifications that must be obtained from the mayor and the signature of each page. The specifications also contain the necessary documentation for the tender. Those who will participate in the tender will also present these documents to the institution. With these procedures, the applications will be completed. Bids will then be submitted on the day and time of the tender.

Those who want to see 7 vehicles for sale before participating in the tender will be able to see the vehicles from the municipal car park.

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