How to start a car? How to lift manual cars without stopping? – Lastest news

The most difficult aspect of driving a manual car is the lifting process. Many people complain that cars stop when they start driving. For this reason, there are some points to consider in manual vehicles. How to start a car? When drivers get into the driver’s seat, they must first make some adjustments in order … Read more

The fastest cars in the world [Video]

Today we will list the fastest cars in the world, the slowest of which reaches 403 km / h. The cars on our list are made up of monsters that have successfully passed speed tests and proved their worth in this regard. For some unknown reason, most people like fast things. Of course, this also … Read more

The best selling cars in Turkey 2021

View full size The Association of Automobile Dealers (ODD) shared data from January to June 2021 on the Turkish car market. As a result, the market also continued to grow in June. ok The best-selling cars ever in 2021 what happened First, when we look at car sales in June, they are 8,732 units. fiatWe … Read more

Your Safarin correctly guesses each car model

The phenomenon called Safarin, who knows how to find out the models of car photos sent to him on Twitter, told Webtekno how he could make predictions about cars so easily. The anonymous user named Safarin, who can know the models just by looking at the windows, mirrors and even the car wipers, has become … Read more

The best cars to buy for 25,000 TL

If you are thinking of buying an affordable vehicle, we have put together a list of many alternatives for you. Thanks to the options that will suit the tastes of all segments, you can choose the vehicle that you like best. It’s easy now hard to find an affordable car as you know. That’s why … Read more

Classic cars were found in Ankara

Ankara City Rally, held for the third time this year, classic car He gathered his followers. 40 classic cars with many colorful and different models attended the event held by the Riders Brothers Automobile Club in the area of ​​Çankaya Traditional Youth Sports and Sports Club. Speaking to the AA correspondent about the organization of … Read more

13 of the strongest cars sold in Turkey

How solid are the cars we trust in our lives? Today we will list 13 cars sold in our country, such as stones, which have received 5 points from the Euro NCAP tests. These cars, in the event of an accident, are mainly aimed at protecting the people inside. Our cars are very special vehicles … Read more