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Omer Faruk Unal


a) After President Mehmet Büyükekşi in TFF The most authoritative name will be İbrahim Burkay. four grains A vice president of each club will be appointed. to beMurat Aksu de Şiktaş, Yusuf Günay de G. Saray, Nüket Küçükel Ezberci de Fenerbahçe, TrabzonYalçın Orhan de por.

2) Tables will be announced in a maximum of one week.

3) David Elleray in the new direction of TFF He made a presentation that took 45 minutes a day. Unknown he said nothing. From what I understand there was no illusion or idea.

You would make the list easier!

Mehmet Büyükekşi at the board meeting; “Friends, I will use my own car and my own driver during my presidency,” he said. The directors did not make any demands respecting the decision of the president. Mr. President, if I had said so before the election; you would make the list of boards easier!
As you know, these luxury branded black cars are very challenging for steering and boards!

MHK does not rush or take it easy …

An MHK must be appointed urgently.
There is a big shipwreck in the middle. There is a lot of work to do …
According to the ranking schedule, there are things to do tomorrow. No notice was given to the referees.
We hoped that Mr. Büyükekşi was more prepared, especially with regard to the MHK. It seems like; This page of your calendar is blank.
Explain the chairmen of the board! Let each president make his own board! Are you in?

There are VAR holidays in Antalya!

The under-14 and under-15 development leagues were played in Antalya. They called as many female referees as there are in the country.
They are very joking. There were six VAR interventions in one match.
The VAR will be used in the 1st League. Referees need to be trained in these cadres.
They continue to provide VAR training to referees who will not use it.
Oh, and I’m very curious to know who has the idea for the Antalya tournament this season.

They couldn’t imagine what would happen!

The famous refereeing operation that marked the season; It was designed in a hotel on October 7, 2021, implemented on March 8, 2022.
Here are the results for now!

a) The president and management of the Football Federation are gone!

2) All boards have changed.

3) The president of the Club Association has changed!

4) C. The president of Rizespor withdrew from the stage.

Dear Ahmet Nur Cebi …

Ahmet Nur Cebi, the president of Beşiktaş, complained more about the referees …
There is no press conference or statement that; not a referee or a critic of MHK.
He insists that all referees must be changed.
There could be two reasons for this.

a) The idea of ​​putting pressure on MHK and the referees.

2) He has a lot of misinformation about referees.

We experienced a “March 8”, no concrete evidence could be presented on the referees.

If it could be placed; the old TFF would be in place today.

March 8 MHK has also been a hero today. Mr. Cebi, a month ago, we met with an important person who is following these arbitration matters closely but from afar. There was also my dear friend Tahir Kum.

He was excited about explaining things like; We couldn’t interrupt and say two sentences.

Someone has it full.

Everything you said was false and false. And worst of all, that person had become completely convinced of them.

I think; Same or similar circles can also fool you.

Spend your energy on your computer. You have raised three trophies with these referees.

Velev this; As you say, they have intentions against Beşiktaş. Is it possible for so many referees to reach an agreement between them?

Change your fonts from time to time. You will see the benefit.


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