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Celal Sengor in yesterday’s post “And Orhan, what will you say to the cars, the roads are full and there is only one person at all.” That being said, Celal, you have no financial problems. But cars are always like that, the tank is filled to 1,000 TL … I said, “Hey Celal, this is nothing new. An important part of the cars belong to the company, the gasoline money is written as an expense or the company pays them … There are those who do not take the cars at this price if it is not necessary … Istanbul is a city where hundreds of kilometers are traveled, from one end to the other. .. From the distribution of goods to business monitoring.

But us “Why the restaurants are full”Let’s stay too. There is so much more to say. The sincere reader also echoes.

Town Planning Councilor When the opposition talked about the economic crisis, I looked around to see if it was true .. Have we built a dystopian dream like the ones we are against the government !?

When the new censorship law comes into force, Mr. Minister may be sentenced to three years for misinforming the nation and telling false things, and one more sentence for misleading the nation as a civil servant. No one can take the prosecutor’s hand anymore. Certainly, since this law came to us, “censor” they are not worth it, in the selection process you will not see all kinds of upsets.


Let me first make an adjustment for residential rental income. Suppose you have a rental income for one or two houses, 5-8 thousand TL. One or two retirement benefits .. Income of 20-25 thousand TL .. Türk-İş calculated the poverty line of a family of four as 19 thousand TL. Don’t think that this kind of family fills the rich restaurants!

Between 10 and 20 thousand rents are for new houses, but the rental income of the majority is between 3 and 5 thousand TL. He is a white-collar pensioner, owns between 3 and 5 houses, say 30-50 thousand TL, and teaches students abroad. He looks rich, but he can’t go to the restaurant as he wants. In other words, these segments are crawling on the ground in cheap TL.

Of course, I’m not talking about the big segments that charge one or two minimum wages and don’t even pay rent. They and those with lower incomes are not even close to the middle class. To describe it, above the minimum!

For today’s middle class: Its average income should be about 50 thousand TL. You will not pay rent. The child will not be studying either. It is the misfortune of public schools that doubles families. Their quality should increase rapidly and students should be prepared for life with the highest education program. Teachers should look for at least a master’s degree and a doctorate with a thesis …


I said, of course, that there is wealth, the palace and its men swim in that wealth. Your environment too!

There is still a great transfer of wealth from the middle class to the upper classes.

Foreign currency indexed deposits became the last major transfer of wealth.

A rich segment that fills restaurants are the big depositors and the billions of extra pounds that are transferred to them. It counts the restaurants that are filled maybe every day.

It is clear that the burden of the economic crisis is not being shared equally with society. The normal middle class of five years ago has been swept away.

In Turkey a large informal economy, There is an economy without a counter.

Where do those who benefit from this economy spend the free money they receive from heavy, tax-free labor exploitation? International Transparency Association published a new report on the subject.

There are those who do not pay a penny of personal income tax in the services sector. There are corrupt shameless people who have hit the hose in the state and in the municipality.

We also count the sectors, sectors that benefit from the economy in crisis and reflect the incoming rises directly to the consumer. This crisis also creates super rich and crowded restaurants.

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