The Turkish team competing in Europe-East / East-West Friendship and Peace entered the country

The Turkish team that took part in the Europe-East / East-West friendship and peace rally, which began in Tübingen, Germany, entered the country through the Kapıkule border gate. Participating in the rally, which has been held for the 16th time this year, the team of 6 people has left behind the 3,000 kilometers of road … Read more

Debate on the Gezi case in Parliament – News

Gezi’s trial was discussed at the Turkish Grand National Assembly. There was a discussion between AK Party Group Vice President Bülent Turan and CHP Group Vice President Engin Altay at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly on the Gezi case. CHP Vice President Engin Altay said: “My friends have said it many … Read more

This time the sirens sounded for the children

This time the sirens sounded for the children In the convoy that made the city moan, the children greeted the people DUZCE – On April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Düzce, police surprised the little ones. While the children and the police were making a convoy and greeting the people, an unforgettable day … Read more

Demir Export buys its “gold”, the farmer buys its “powder”

MADEN, ELAZIG (UAV) – “Gold” Iron exportthe peasant catches the ‘dust’ Iron export Heavy tonnage vehicles operating in the mining mine allegedly damaged houses and a historic cave. People in the vicinity, who acted, did not allow vehicles to pass. NEVŞEHİR – People in the region, who took steps to damage their homes and a … Read more

The AEROEX 2022 Aerospace Technology Symposium has begun.

The AEROEX 2022 Aerospace Technologies Symposium has begun … Pinarbaşı : “Our goal is to make our sales abroad with fully domestic and domestic production” AEROEX 2022 International Symposium on Space and Aviation Technologies and Bilateral Business Meetings Organized by KAYSERİ Erciyes Technopark KayseriIt started in. The symposium held at the Erciyes Cultural Center was … Read more

breaking news | The goal of high school students is Houston, their robot is called “Houston Hornet”

KELROT, the robotics team founded by KABATAŞ high school students, started competing in Istanbul, the European regional phase of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). The KELROT team wants to win the competition and qualify for the final in Houston, USA. The European regional phase of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), organized between high schools and … Read more

Selçuk Bayraktar: There will be a revolution on the battlefield with the new plane we have developed

Baykar technology leader Selçuk Bayraktar, who met with BATMAN university students, said: “While Turkey was heavily dependent on foreigners in the defense industry in 2005, 15 years later, national platforms such as Bayraktar Mini UAV, Bayraktar TB2 SİHA and Bayraktar Akıncı TİHA are among the leading countries in this field, the most important being design, … Read more


ANTALYA (DHA) – For the treatment of her son Vladyslav Babaieva (12) with down syndrome diagnosed with LEUKEMIA Ukraineof the city of Kharkiv AntalyaAnna Babaieva, 44, who came to Turkey, said: “The war started 5 days after I came here. We are also fighting my son with leukemia. We are in two wars.” UkraineVladyslav Babaieva’s … Read more

BAYKAR technology leader Selçuk Bayraktar met with university students

Governor Hulusi Şahin, Vice Chancellor of our University, Prof. Dr. Rohat Cebe, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Necmettin Sezgin, Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Ömer Faruk Ertuğrul, academic and administrative staff and many students attended. Bayraktar: “It is possible to take the last point by preparing from today for tomorrow’s technology” Bayraktar, who provided information on the … Read more

1st Artificial Intelligence Summit “AI [Tomorrow Summit]”

Baykar Technology leader Selçuk Bayraktar said that Turkey has shown the world that it can make very ambitious technological products in the defense industry and said: “I think it is time to transfer the wind of transformation of the defense industry to other civilian areas. “. dit. To support the “Artificial Intelligence Strategies of Turkey” … Read more