The Turkish family was lost: we met at a military base in Russia!

Soner and İnci Sarıhan are a couple of outdoor sports who say going back to the city is “exile”. Being in nature, escaping the city, moving away from the crowds has always taken place in their lives in different situations. After discovering that cycling is the most economical, environmentally friendly and fun way to continue … Read more

Minister Yanık to children: “Make an effort to bring your ideas to life”

Minister Yanik, who came to Adana in the morning for a series of visits, attended the Techno Children’s Festival organized by the Ministry of Family and Social Services on the Technopolis campus of Çukurova University. In a statement here, Minister Yanık recalled that April 23 is National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, the first children’s day … Read more

The Buzova region has become uninhabitable! CNN Turk team in the destroyed city of Ukraine

CNN reporter Turk Samet Güner, who claimed that Kyiv Buzova is an important point and location, captured the destroyed city. Samet Güner transmitted the following information about the region; This is Kyiv Buzova … This is an important point. Because it is the lower section of the M06 highway from Lviv to Kyiv. The top … Read more

What is a satellite phone, how is it different from normal phones?

It can be extremely frustrating not being able to reach the people we want to reach because our phone doesn’t catch us. We can use the phones we mostly use for daily communication wherever we want in the city and reach the people we call. But what if you went on an ocean or polar … Read more

Selçuk Bayraktar: Bayraktar TB-3 and MIUS will revolutionize combat – Technology News

Selcuk Bayraktar, who met with students in the lecture hall of Gebze Technical University, shared his experiences in the field of technology. Bayraktar said warplanes had been built and said: “The SİHA deployed by ships, which we call the Bayraktar TB-3, will be the first SİHA based on ships in the world. There are helicopter … Read more