The Turkish team competing in Europe-East / East-West Friendship and Peace entered the country

The Turkish team that took part in the Europe-East / East-West friendship and peace rally, which began in Tübingen, Germany, entered the country through the Kapıkule border gate. Participating in the rally, which has been held for the 16th time this year, the team of 6 people has left behind the 3,000 kilometers of road … Read more

Walking through the streets of Cologne with a white cane …

Harun Sarikaya May 8, 2022 7:00 p.m. twitterlinkedinflipboarde-mailCopy the linkFont I’m in Cologne, in the Rodenkirchen region. The pedestrian lights are ringing. The sidewalks without even a rubbish bin are so wide that a visually impaired person needs to use the cane very well so as not to get lost! class = “medianet-inline-adv”> We … Read more

How to avoid cost – YÜKSEL AYTUĞ

Readers of this column not only criticize but consider it their duty to guide and produce alternative solutions. My reader Yavuz Yüksel, who is a retired deputy undersecretary, also shared his suggestions for solutions to prevent cost and his accurate observations after writing a few articles on opportunistic markets recently:“Mr. Aytuğ, I think you will … Read more

Everyone who cheats the public on social media is imprisoned …

When social media began to replace television, the newspaper, and the magazine, misinformation took its place. Especially in Turkey …If you know, first demonize the traditional media. fake on social media news is coming out. Fake news spreads to the masses with hashtags distributed by bot accounts. misinformation systemtic being widely disseminated. It is even … Read more

Nickel crisis in Germany! – New contract

Germany, which has revised its trade ties with Russia because of the Ukrainian war, is facing tough tests. The largest industrial country in Europe is looking for an alternative to Russia for valuable raw materials such as nickel. Oil and natural gas are at the heart of discussions about Germany’s economic ties with Russia. The … Read more