The Turkish team competing in Europe-East / East-West Friendship and Peace entered the country

The Turkish team that took part in the Europe-East / East-West friendship and peace rally, which began in Tübingen, Germany, entered the country through the Kapıkule border gate. Participating in the rally, which has been held for the 16th time this year, the team of 6 people has left behind the 3,000 kilometers of road … Read more

How to avoid cost – YÜKSEL AYTUĞ

Readers of this column not only criticize but consider it their duty to guide and produce alternative solutions. My reader Yavuz Yüksel, who is a retired deputy undersecretary, also shared his suggestions for solutions to prevent cost and his accurate observations after writing a few articles on opportunistic markets recently:“Mr. Aytuğ, I think you will … Read more

I don’t feel like writing for today, believe me! …

On Thursday we took a tour of the city in the evening, walking through the main streets of Istanbul day and night, specifically Beşiktaş and Şişli. The mayors were from the CHP. ok Mustafa maturityof the party he founded. The mayor of the metropolitan municipality was also CHP, but there was almost no sign that … Read more

Domenec Torrent, the teacher is not mocha! …

“in Istanbul and its “exploitations” at the heart of the club alive and last eyes in torrent in months nothing more than hitting blind, lips and whose tongues speak nothing, more ‘pens don’t write anything else Galatasaray’s press ulema … Sir, this recipe belongs to my dear brother Öcal. From Wednesday’s article in the newspaper … Read more

“His burned body seemed to scream” Russian forces withdrew the tragedy left behind

The BBC team managed to reach the E-40 area 10 hours after Ukrainian forces seized the area. There were signs of war and heavy bombardment everywhere. A hotel famous for its gas stations and a restaurant was in poor condition. The holes made by the bombs were visible on both roads. Among the villages of … Read more

otoplus opened its new shopping mall in Istanbul Optimum AVM

ISTANBUL (AA) – The new hub of the letgo corporate business model in second-hand vehicles, otoplus, with an area of ​​11,000 square meters, has opened in Istanbul Optimum AVM. According to the company’s statement, the innovative letgo business model, Turkey’s second-hand shopping platform, otoplus is rapidly expanding its service network. After the opening of the … Read more

Two scenes and … Where is my state? …

How many times have I written .. Since humans started walking, it is the place where they first met the state. “traffic”Truck. As he walks down the sidewalk, plays in the street, rides his tricycle, and gets into the car of his father or another relative he knows, he begins to understand how powerful and … Read more

breaking news | The goal of high school students is Houston, their robot is called “Houston Hornet”

KELROT, the robotics team founded by KABATAŞ high school students, started competing in Istanbul, the European regional phase of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). The KELROT team wants to win the competition and qualify for the final in Houston, USA. The European regional phase of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), organized between high schools and … Read more