Truck carrying $ 48,000 cherries in Russia Accidents

The truck carrying $ 48,000 worth of cherries from Manisa to Russia crashed in Kırıkkale. Yusuf İri, the driver of the truck that overturned the stick, said, “I had to tilt the car this way so as not to run into the opposite lane, so as not to crush people.” The accident took place at … Read more

‘MAY 19’ Confusion back to Yks at Samsun

Students taking the Higher Education Institutions (YKS) exam in Samsun confused the 19 Mayıs District High School with the Samsun Center High School. The students ’effort to get to school 40km didn’t look like action movies. Despite warnings from pre-YKS authorities, the negligence and misunderstanding of some students wasted their efforts for a year. Many … Read more