The car turned into a nightmare

The cost of living has reached record levels and shopping has become a nightmare in the face of rising prices. Consumers lost their purchasing power, while traders were crushed by the costs of inputs and electricity prices. Pockets are empty, shopping carts are not full, shopkeepers have difficulty returning to work. The citizen’s hand stretching … Read more

The Turkish family was lost: we met at a military base in Russia!

Soner and İnci Sarıhan are a couple of outdoor sports who say going back to the city is “exile”. Being in nature, escaping the city, moving away from the crowds has always taken place in their lives in different situations. After discovering that cycling is the most economical, environmentally friendly and fun way to continue … Read more

Demand for mid-range vehicles is declining day by day – Latest news

The second-hand car market, which has been on the agenda lately, is going through an unusual process. Under normal circumstances, as the price of vehicles increases, sales decrease, but recently the situation is going in the opposite direction. Although the demand for low-class vehicles with low prices is still intense, traffic continues. Demand continues at … Read more