From Aleyna Tilki to Demet Akalın: You Should Have Guessed the Level Would Decrease – Magazine News

The video of the fans having fun with the song ‘Club’ by Demet Akalın at the championship celebrations in Trabzon had a worldwide impact. FIFA has also shared these images. Akalın said to his fan: “Ask for copyright” and said: “Guys will make me a world star! Don’t listen to Aleyna (Fox). where am I … Read more

Demet Akalın and Ersay Üner met face to face on social media! – Magazine news

During the championship celebrations in Trabzon last week, fans had fun with the song “Club” by Demet Akalın and Ozan Doğulu, and FIFA shared these images on their official social media accounts. Demet Akalın, whose songs were played during the celebrations, did not remain silent about this post and replied: “I would read it live … Read more

Earth blue burgundy – OMER KARAHAN

38 years of longing for Trabzonspor, which proclaimed the championship 2-2 with Antalyaspor in the Super League, are over. Celebrating the championship around the world until the morning, the Trabzonspor fans experienced great enthusiasm. Celebrations around the world, especially in Trabzon, were worth seeing. I was on the Üsküdar-Beykoz line on Saturday evening. However, there … Read more