The balance is getting heavier due to the disaster of floods and landslides in Brazil

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At least 171 people were killed in a landslide and flood disaster in Petrópolis, Brazil.

As search and rescue efforts continue in the area, authorities report that more than 120 people remain missing.

Among the dead are 27 children and adolescents.

Petrópolis, located in the mountains north of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, was under the influence of heavy showers.

The houses in the hill neighborhoods were destroyed and the floodwaters swept the streets of the city dragging cars.

Search and rescue teams pick up the mud trying to find survivors.

However, as torrential rains prevented the teams from working, authorities said it was impossible to find the missing people alive.

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About 900 people are housed in schools and shelters.

“It’s impossible to bring heavy machinery here. We have to work slowly like ants,” firefighter Roberto Amaral told AFP news.

“The situation is almost warlike … There are cars hanging from sticks, overturned, piles of mud and a lot of water,” Rio de Janeiro Governor Claudio Castro told reporters.

Petrópolis is a popular tourist destination located on the hills above Rio de Janeiro, the summer getaway of Brazilian monarchs in the 19th century.

But after a month of rain in just three hours, much of the city’s great charm was in ruins as the flood destroyed homes and shops.

In one of the worst-hit neighborhoods, up to 80 homes were damaged by landslides.

“The water came very fast and very strong. My loss was 100 percent. Our life was already difficult with the pandemic, and now this tragedy is happening,” said Henrique Pereira, owner of a shop in Petrópolis, in the Reuters news agency.

The mayor declared a state of emergency in the city.

The balance is getting heavier due to the disaster of floods and landslides in Brazil

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Meanwhile, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who is on an official visit to Russia, said he would arrange emergency aid for the victims.

Brazil has been shaken by a series of heavy rains in the last three months, and scientists say the situation is getting worse due to climate change.

In January 2011 there were strong storms in and around Petrópolis that killed more than 900 people in floods and landslides.


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