The extraordinary “bread” tour with 31 stops in Bursa … They come from the other end of the city every morning.

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First, there were great difficulties in the material and spiritual perspective, going through restrictions. pandemic period

Then the high price rises do not slow down and the purchasing power is continuously melting. inflationary economic process …

The fact that citizens had difficulty reaching even the commodities changed the habits of the municipality.

It is now more valuable than ever to produce policies that directly affect the citizenry and prioritize increasing the well-being of the citizenry.

As he went through the days when the cost of local governments was at its peak, the market stabilizer function is more important than ever.

Work mate Mustafa Ozdalyesterday with Kestel‘we said.

In first place TThe cheapest bread in Turkey is produced We visited the municipal bakery.

Minister The leader TanirWe got some amazing information from

Municipality of Kestelproduced in extremely hygienic and modern conditions. 400 grams of breadin 23 different locations Sold for 1 pound!

per day 6,000 production units is being done.

Maximum per person 3 pieces of bread are allowed to take.

Scholarship much less because there is no cheaper bread in Turkey, everyone queuing up already buys three loaves of bread.

Every day two thousand families on the table Municipality of Kestelof healthy and delicious the bread is a guest.

Scholarship‘en 200 grams of bread in the ovens Right Now for 3 lire meeting with citizens.

In a short time a interest month to arrive Waiting.

Municipality of Kestelof 400 grams of bread is 1 pound.

In other words, with 3 lire that can be bought at the bakery, you can take 6 loaves of bread from the bakery in the municipality.

Minister The leader TanirHe noted that no matter how much the costs of inputs increase, they will continue to sell bread for 1 pound during his tenure.

He said they could produce more than 6,000 pieces of bread if they wanted to, but they made a limited number, taking into account the baker’s traders as well.

President Tanira bulk sales to catering companies I asked if they did.

“No” I was so happy when I received the answer!

Some citizens over the age of 65, from the bakery authorities, where public transport is free, take the metro from the university station in the westernmost part of the city to buy bread and walk through 31 stops. KestelWe learned that they were coming to.

Naturally, the residents of Kestel, where the elderly go on a tour of the Bursa and cover their bread needs, run out of bread, naturally not very satisfied.


Subsidy It’s not just about bread …

One weekend day; Renting a town hall wedding, which includes photography, music, cake service, is almost free at Kestel!

Packages from 10,000 lire in their companions are provided by the municipality. Prices range from 2,750 to 4,000 TL made available to citizens.

The cost of getting married, like almost everything else, has multiplied.

Therefore, it is also significant to reduce the wedding expenses of the couples.


Kestel5-storey car park in the center of, where vehicles have difficulty using it to be narrow innovative acquired a different function with his point of view.

The top floor of the car park began to serve as a wedding hall.

  1. On the other hand, 1,000 square meters of living space were offered to the women of Kestelli sacrificing an area of ​​30 vehicles.

Thus, the need for a place for coexistence and sports has been eliminated.

Includes psychologist and dietitian Chile Social Life CenterThere is also a café and playgrounds for everyone.


“There will be no homeless bells in Kestel” Who says The leader Tanirmeets with women who want to convey their problems directly to the mayor from the neighborhoods visited by municipal teams, to the breakfast organizations of the living center.

Citizens talk at length about their problems.

MinisterListen to each one individually.

Competent officials take note of complaints.

It is planned to eliminate the problems in a short time by establishing individual contacts with the public.

A woman who had just moved from Yıldırım to Kestel during the breakfast we were invited to, “ProvinceI didn’t know your chin was so pretty. I will never return to Yıldırım from here. “ His words caught our attention.


The leader Tanirthe 50 million lire it will cost, it gives it a lot of importance the square project We also examined it in situ.

When put into service Scholarship, gertake on a challenge will have won.

There will be no works in the square.

two floors undergroundThere will be charging points for electric cars in the smart project with a car park with a capacity of 330 vehicles.

The new square with a total area of ​​12,200 square meters will also serve as a shelter.

With concert and exhibition areas Kestelhis face changes aesthetically.


President Taniralthough he does not want to express much Municipality of Kestelinvestments without using credit It should be noted that he realized this with his own resources.

Energy The exorbitant increase in costs is evident.

Municipality of Kestelacted predictably.

Kayacikat a cost of £ 5 million 1 megawatt gsolar power plant established.

It will pay for itself in 3.5 years. 2 years have passed since the power plant.

For about 15 years, this plant will cover the needs of all places belonging to the municipality, and will use electricity for free.

A remarkable investment has been made which should be an example.

FOOT NOTE: During our conversation with Kestelli, we heard that there have been some problems on the streets in recent days in the context of public order. We believe that these problems can be eliminated in a short time with special attention to security.

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