The Konya businessman created a collection of classic cars that he is passionate about.

of Konya business person Muammer Deveciwith his passion that started from a young age, he has acquired over the years a collection of 13 classic cars.

Deveci’s collection, which meticulously preserves his cars in his hangar, which has been converted into a garage by the work center, consists of special series produced in limited numbers during his time.

Deveci cannot measure the value of its collection, which includes rare models such as Cadillac Eldorado Sevilla, Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe, Chrysler Newport Custom, Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency.

Deveci, who is often interested in the maintenance and cleaning of his cars, which he is passionate about, sometimes gets into one of the cars he chooses and walks the streets of the city.



Deveci said all the cars, the oldest of which are 1956 models, are original, low-mileage, unrestored, 8-cylinder, automatic transmission, air conditioning and power steering.


Noting that all their cars work as they did on the first day they were produced, Deveci stated that all their components and features are in perfect working order.


Deveci said that sometimes he is distracted while looking at a car and said: “In a time when technology was limited, there were no computers and CNC machines, these cars were made with the files in hand. However, we see details amazing aesthetics .. An average of 30,000 pieces of a car. He is amazed at this effort and effort. “I am fascinated by nature, space, airplanes, birds, fish. There are cars with very interesting concepts. For example, Cadillac Eldorado. Seville looks like a shark, and the Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe looks like a swallow. “



Emphasizing that he has a very special interest and love for his cars, Deveci said: “These are like my children. I live with them. I look at them, I love them, I take care of them, I carry them and I hear their voice. I feel great pleasure driving them all have a very different design and artistic value.He has a special style and identity.When you see someone from afar, you can easily say, “This series of this model.” He said.


Deveci drew attention to the fact that, unlike today’s classic cars, they are produced with the calculation of eternal life:


“The most important thing about today’s cars is that the car sells a lot and makes a lot of money. The interior of classic cars is very spacious and comfortable. They are very comfortable. Of course, then there are no fuel problems. Today’s cars are made with concerns about fuel, parking and mass production.You can get a house in these cars.You feel the freshness.You feel its softness and warmth.It’s like you’re talking to the car and talk to you “.



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