The obstacle is not in the body, but in the prejudices.

Mustafa Dağlı, a 28-year-old cerebral palsy patient, and his mother Canan Dağlı, who were disabled due to childhood jaundice, spoke about the difficulties and desires they experienced. Canan Dağlı said: “People have a very prejudiced look at us and look at us with pity. But we are happy with our lives. We are at peace with ourselves and accepted. I want people to be sensitive to this issue.” he said.

“They ignore us”

Canan Dağlı described the problem they experienced as follows: “When we go to hospitals, they take us without waiting because we are individuals with priority. Our work is easily done. Unfortunately, there is a hospital in Konya where this is not fulfilled. Other than that, we can examine ourselves without waiting. But when we go to the hospital we always have the same problem. Cars are constantly parked in front of the ramps. We can’t use these ramps most of the time. Although people should think and offer us comfort, they complicate our work and transportation. They ignore us. This is not only a challenge for people with disabilities, but also a big problem for their families. “


Dağlı said: “Unfortunately, the financial aid provided by the state is not valid for us. My son has a 92 percent disability, but because my wife has a teacher’s salary, she is not given a pension. Disability or care allowance.In my opinion, anyone with a disability over the age of 18 should be paid more or less. “Family doesn’t care about giving a salary to a person with a disability. After all, it’s a person with a disability. She deserves it. We don’t want that for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a lot.” money is enough to give confidence to the individual, to make him feel comfortable and to affect him psychologically.

“I am at peace and happy with myself”

Declaring that he is uncomfortable with the way people look, Mustafa Dağlı said: “People look very strange when they see me. Although we are physically different, I am also a human being. I have no problem with my “In my mind, I am at peace with myself and happy. What bothers me is the painful look.”


Emphasizing the importance given to people with disabilities, Mother Dağlı said, “We are trying to do our best for Mustafa. I say these things not only for my son, but also for all people with disabilities and their families. We want ramps to be built everywhere, with people with disabilities in mind, and cars not to be parked on the ramps.Don’t let them ignore us. “They’re robbing us of their space. Let’s relax when we go out. There are ramps but not enough everywhere. As a result, we must not forget that everyone is a candidate for disability,” he concluded. .


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