The penalty for doing this in a garage in Germany can be a fine or a demolition!

Car garages are frequently inspected by the regulatory authority. In case of abuse, severe sanctions are applied, from fines to destruction.

Garages are also sometimes used for other purposes, such as a party room, an office, or a clothing store. But using the garage for these purposes is an abuse. The use of garages refers to state laws, in most federal states the garage ordinance (GaVo). This regulation contemplates garages only as a refuge for motor vehicles, usually cars.

What can the garage be used for?

What can you store in a rental garage or property;

Car (must be registered)

motorcycle in addition to the car

Consumables such as antifreeze, glass cleaner or oil

Limited amount of gasoline / diesel

Car accessories such as tires, luggage racks, cats

Bicycles are also allowed unless expressly prohibited by the host. In some cases, a garage can also be used as a workshop (not necessarily related to the Car). “The important thing is always that the garage is used for the car without doing a lot of cleaning,” ADAC says. For the rest of the effects a works license must be obtained.

Well, what can’t be stored in the garage?

According to garage regulations, the use of garages as warehouses is prohibited. Anything unrelated to the vehicle should not be in the garage all the time. Examples of this are grills, barbecues or garden furniture. “For safety reasons, the storage of gas grills, gas cylinders and hazardous, explosive and flammable materials is also prohibited,” the ADAC says.

What are the penalties for garage abuse?

This regulation must also be followed, as the layout offices control the abuse of garages. If they let you abuse you, not only can you leave the garage, but you face a fine of up to 500 euros. According to, a demolition ordinance can even be applied to landlords.

Some rules also apply to activities in your home. For example, those who do not comply with certain rules when having a barbecue on the balcony or in the garden can face fines of up to 5,000 euros. Cutting fences or trees can also be very expensive.

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