Truck carrying $ 48,000 cherries in Russia Accidents

The truck carrying $ 48,000 worth of cherries from Manisa to Russia crashed in Kırıkkale. Yusuf İri, the driver of the truck that overturned the stick, said, “I had to tilt the car this way so as not to run into the opposite lane, so as not to crush people.”

The accident took place at kilometer 50 of the D-200 Kırıkkale-Çorum motorway. According to the information received, the truck 31 EG 462 under the direction of Yusuf İri (34) went out of control, allegedly due to a bump on the road, and crashed into the median. The driver of the truck, who with his maneuver overturned the joint to avoid crossing the road, escaped unharmed. In another truck, tons of cherries worth $ 48,000 were shipped from Manisa to Russia. After the operations carried out by the traffic teams, the truck was lifted from the track with the help of a crane. Describing the unfortunate accident he suffered at the UAV journalist, driver Yusuf İri said he proposed to bring the cherries he had loaded from Manisa, worth $ 48,000, to Russia.

“I had to tilt the car”

Declaring that he lost control of the steering wheel after entering the coup, Big said, “If I had had the chance, I would have loaded cherries from Manisa Alaşehir to Russia. I rested yesterday 40 kilometers around 7 p.m. : 00 “. he had to tilt the car that way so as not to run over people, ”he said.

“They would take me to the funeral home today”

Declaring that he escaped at the last moment of crossing the opposite lane, Big said, “I entered the hill, the left side of the car bounced and threw me into the left lane. You know, if I had crossed the lane on the contrary, I too would have died, my funeral would have been taken today. Thank God nothing has happened to us. We have not harmed anyone. The property has arrived. ” It didn’t hurt us. But this path must really be taken. This road is the main road of Trabzon, Samsun. Here I was on a cruise to Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia. We are on the road, sometimes a dog appears in front of us, we maneuver, we try not to crush him. One moment, those officials said, “If they hit and fix it, that’s the main road,” he said.

“$ 48,000 Cherry”

He said, “These cars go at 80 speeds. I broke the sidewalk there, if I had crossed the sidewalk, I would have taken 2-3 cars under me. What happened? The driver is guilty! This car has 1.5 trillion. “The cherry on top is $ 48,000. Here’s the bill. A lot of people eat bread in it. They move it to another truck,” he said.


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