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In the Menteşe district of Muğla, truck and truck drivers rebelled against the lack of a truck garage in the city.
Gökhan Koçer, a truck driver who has not had a garage and parked his vehicles in the city for about 7 years, reacted to the situation by saying: “We bring everything to this city, but this city cannot provide us with a home. “

Truck and truck drivers operating in the Menteşe district claimed that because there is no truck garage in the city, they had to park their vehicles in some parts of the city due to transportation and safety risks. .
Drivers, who claimed that police teams affiliated with the Muğla metropolitan municipality, maintained a report warning “Take him to the truck garage” because the vehicles on the side of the road drove their vehicles to the old garage.
In response to the lack of garages, drivers asked the authorities to allocate a place for them.
Mehmet Karakoç, who has been a truck driver for 15 years, said they had to park their vehicles in the city because there was no truck garage.
Karakoç expressed his reaction as follows:
Explaining that they applied for a place in the municipality, but were not shown a suitable place and could not get a response, Karakoç said: “We are asking for a place, but the place is not shown. We towed the cars to the old truck garage. It has been like this for 6-7 years. Today, most friends have been recorded. The “Take it to the truck garage” warning has arrived, but there is no truck garage. There is an inconsistency in our municipality. We want truckers to be protected, “he said.
Claiming that the existing office and the necessary materials are in the old garage, Karakoç said: “The Özlüce transport cooperative’s office is here. There is already an established order. “Here is all the materials, documents and files. Everything is ready, from the tea room to the security camera system,” he said.
Another truck driver, Gökhan Koçer, said that as there are no truck garages, they leave their vehicles in places that do not hinder traffic.
Expressing that he had received a warning from the police, Koçer expressed his reaction in the following words:
“Our warehouses buy the worst 15 thousand lire of diesel. 8 thousand for a tire. They steal our batteries. We can’t find a place to put our car. We bring everything from this city, but this city cannot provide us with a home. The town hall took us out of where we are now. This is our truck garage, they said a new construction will be done, it has not been done for 5-6 years. We also spoke to the head of the chauffeur room, who was now here. He said he will speak in the necessary places. There was no answer from him yet. Police told us: ‘If the cars are in the same place again tomorrow, we will write a fine.’ Where will we put these cars? “
In the statement made by the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality on the subject, it was stated that the Muğla Chamber of Truckers, Car Owners and Drivers was under discussion and a suitable place for the garage was sought.


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